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5 Ways Electricians Make Your Life Easier and Safer

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Electricians and electrical engineering technicians install, maintain and repair the vast network of electric wires, outlets and devices that serve our daily needs. While many people do simple wiring projects around their homes themselves, such as installing a light fixture or an outlet, most rely on professional electricians to bring the power to their doorstep safely. 

They make sure your home or business has power when you flip on a switch or plug in an appliance. They do this by knowing the codes, wiring and device safety standards that are enforced to ensure hack jobs don’t damage outlets, start fires or otherwise turn your house into a death trap.

Considering whether or not to hire an electrician on the Sunshine Coast? Here are 5 ways electricians make your life easier and safer – and why you should always hire a professional! 

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional Electrician 

Electrical work may seem easy. You might have changed a few lightbulbs, or done some rewiring, yourself and found it to be a relatively straightforward situation.

Not so!

Electrical work can be highly dangerous and even potentially fatal, and professional electricians have the necessary skills and training – as well as knowledge and education – to handle each electrical issue with understanding. Their ability to provide safe electrical services ensures that you and your family are safe from potential harm caused by faulty electrical components. 

Here are some other ways electricians make your life easier and safer…

1. Electricians Follow Electrical Industry Standards And Codes

Professional electricians know the safety standards enforced by their trade association, governing bodies or local authorities. These include fire safety standards as well as National Electric Code guidelines. These rules are enforced to ensure that electrical components from outlets to circuits are safe to use on a daily basis. 

They also keep up with changes in technology and new developments in wiring, lights and plugs so that they can provide current services without risking your home or business’ decor or functions.

2. Electricians Have More Equipment – And Better Equipment – Than You Do!

Have you ever had a lightbulb blow out as soon as you turn it on? It’s frustrating, right? Well, professional electricians have the high-tech tools always available for when something goes wrong.

They can quickly trace short circuits to their source, pinpointing where there is danger instead of just guessing. 

Electricians are trained in using testing equipment that is far more sophisticated than what you probably have in your toolkit at home – including ammeters (for measuring resistance), electrical continuity testers (for finding shorts) and voltage detectors (for locating lack of electricity).

3. They Keep Up With Current Regulations And New Legislation… Even If It Means Getting New Training!

There are lots of changes happening around electric work all the time. New regulations, amendments to codes or new legislation could result in changes right down how wire insulation must be wrapped around a screw or how outlets and lights must be installed.

Professional electricians know what these changes are and follow them, even if it means retraining or learning new skills. They can keep your home or business’ wiring up to date with the times – which means less chance of potential accidents due to outdated safety standards.

4. They Carry Insurance… You Don’t!

Did you know that professional electricians are required by law in some areas to carry liability insurance? This protects residents from any damages that may result from their work while ensuring that professionals are financially accountable should something go wrong during an installation or repair process – like a fire caused by faulty wiring for example. 

It also ensures that they cover any additional costs incurred when things don’t go according to plan, such as replacing a faulty breaker or switch instead of simply fixing it.

5. They Provide Added Value For Your Money

When you hire a professional electrician, you get more than the installation and repair work done – they can also advise you on how to make improvements to your home or business’ electrical system that will save energy and power costs in the long run. For example, installing new LED lights can reduce lighting bills by up to 75%! 

A good electrician can recommend other ways to cut your bills while providing safer living conditions your family or employees – just another reason to hire one today!

Choose A Professional Sunshine Coast Electrician

Ensuring that your electrical home amenities and facilities are working properly and according to governmental standards is not only important but also ensures your safety and the safety of your home and loved ones. We use electricity and electrical items all the time, often taking their operational status for granted and without realising the risks that come with leaving electrical problems unattended to.

Act Right Electrical are proud to be leaders in Domestic Electrical Services on the Sunshine Coast. We offer exceptional, quality service with focus on cost effective, professional work and customer satisfaction.