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5 Ways POS Systems Enhance Inventory Management


5 Ways POS Systems Enhance Inventory Management

The way retail stores manage their inventory determines their business prospects. Consistent sale of items in the inventory turns over a profit. In order to achieve that, retail stores must accurately track and restock their products. The quality of carrying out these operations relies on what inventory management tool is used.


Spreadsheets and paper-based tools are labor-intensive for managing retail inventories. They require constant manual operation. That is not the case with Point of Sale software solutions. 


POS solutions have numerous cutting-edge features. They make tracking, monitoring, and replenishing the inventory a simple and fast process. If you’re looking to boost your retail operations, then enhancing the way you manage your inventory is a great idea. In this article, we will discuss the 5 ways POS systems enhance inventory management.

Transfer stocks

If you have multiple stores at multiple locations, then you will have to ensure that all the stores have enough inventory stocks. Having a surplus of inventory at one story and a deficiency at another can stifle your operations. To mitigate such a circumstance, it is necessary to move some of the surplus stock to the deficient store.


POS solutions keep an accurate track of your inventory. They show you what exactly you have and don’t have in each of your stores. Using simple-to-use features, you can move stocks from one location to another at the click of a button. This helps restore optimal operations.

Count inventory

The first step to effectively manage your inventory is to take a count of the products in your store. Conventionally, products are physically counted and entered into a spreadsheet or paper-based tool. But this strategy is outdated. It leaves a lot of room for errors and typos to occur. And such errors can stifle be costly and time-consuming to fix.


POS software solutions can integrate with barcode scanners and sense RFID tags. This feature lets you automatically add products to your inventory and database. It saves a lot of time and records product details accurately.

Locate products

There’s more to inventory management than just making sure you have enough stock. In order for customers to purchase them, you will need to arrange them on your shelves. Your store may have a large volume of products. And it can be difficult to remember which products are where. POS software solutions can take care of this problem easily.


Using sensors such as NFC and RFID, POS solutions can show you what products are located where. As a result, it enables you to assist customers in shopping. Misplaced or forgotten acts can impede on your store’s revenue.

Automatic orders

Having sufficient stock of products is crucial for any retail store. Running out of stock can leave customers frustrated. Especially when it happens regularly. To ensure that you have enough stock, you will need to keep checking what is available in your inventory. Alternatively, you can simply automate the purchase of stock.


POS systems allow you to enable automatic orders. So whenever products in your inventory run low or are depleted, the system sends out autofilled forms to vendors. This feature will help you maintain an adequate quantity of products in your retail store.

Inventory insights

Your retail business collects an extensive amount of inventory data over time. And they hold a great deal of information on the quality of your operations. On processing and analyzing them, you will be able to discover actionable insights. Using them, you can improve your retail operations for increased productivity and profits.


POS solutions logs all inventory data. They can then crawl through the data, process and extrapolate them into meaningful statistical data. Known as reports, you can schedule them to generate on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 


POS solutions are far superior than tools like spreadsheets and paper-based tools. POS systems give you full visibility of your inventory. Beyond that, they allow you to manage customers, employees, accounts and more. If you’re looking for the best POS software, then I highly recommend investing in SmartPOS. It is loaded with industry-leading features, easy-to-use, secure. Furthermore it is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Reach out to SmartPoint to learn more about SmartPOS.