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5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your Mac

Disk Space on Your Mac

Does not matter how much storage space you get on a device, you tend to fill it up very quickly. And it’s not just about you, this is the story of almost everyone around us. These days full storage space is one of the biggest problems. However we have been introduced to the cloud storage services, we still struggle with the problem on our device. Here, we talk about the best disk cleaner for Mac which is one of the problem solvers. Along with other ways we will inform you about the different ways to free up disk space on your Mac.

Ways to free up disk space on Mac using these methods –

1. Uninstall Applications

The first thing you need to do is remove the unwanted application from your Mac. It is a very important step as you need to search all of the applications on your Mac and then sort them. Whichever application you think is not used anymore you can remove them.

Open Launchpad from the Dock and then see the application. Click and hold the application and move it to the Trash.

This will quickly sort the storage space for you.

2. Empty Trash

Sometimes, we don’t even notice and let the Trash fill up to the brim and this will also apply for your devices. This is one of the reasons for space hogging on your Mac. Now, let’s learn how to empty Trash automatically.

Here you need to go to the Apple icon placed on the home Screen. Click on it and go to the Storage. Here you will see the Recommendations options showing you different options. One of them is to Empty Trash Automatically. Click on turn On. This method will save you a lot of space. Atleast good enough for you to download new files on your Mac. This is one of the Top Mac cleaners methods.

3. Optimize Mac

You can use the inbuilt method again to Optimize your Mac. As it is one of the Mac cleaner methods to free up storage space. Here you need to go to the Apple icon > Storage> Recommendations>Optimize Mac. This will instantly remove the unwanted files such as Movies and TV Shows which you have watched.

Now, it’s time to optimize your Mac by clearing out the unwanted files like log, cache and temporary files.

We use one of the best Mac cleaning software – Disk Clean Pro. It is available on the Mac App Store. Download it and install it on your Mac. Launch the Application and you will see the One click Care button. It is one of the best disk cleaners for Mac as it will instantly run a scan and show you all the areas to scan. You can click on the Clean Now button on this mac cleaner to quickly optimize your Mac.

This is the easiest way to sort your storage space on a Mac and it is a very affordable option.

4. Remove Duplicates

Next, you need to remove those files which are sitting there and taking unnecessary space on the storage disk. To do that you can again take use of the  best app to clean Mac – Disk Clean Pro. This has a separate module for cleaning duplicates. It can easily remove the duplicate files on your Mac. This is one of the main causes to fill up the storage space. If you try to do it manually it will take up a lot of your time. Therefore it is recommended to use the best Mac storage cleaner.

Open the Disk Clean Pro and go to the Space Optimization section, here you can see the Duplicates. It will scan the storage space and show you the results. You have to only click on the Find Duplicates button.

5. Move to Cloud Storage

Using the inbuilt tools on your Mac you can easily clean up the redundant items and free up space on disk. First of all you need to go to the Apple icon on the home screen. Click on it and go to About Mac. Here you can see the Storage button, click on it. Now it will be visible to you that the amount of storage is available .

Now, you need to click on the Manage button. Here you can see the Recommendations to sort your storage space. Click on the Store in iCloud.


This is how you can easily free up space on your Mac. We would recommend Disk Clean Pro as the best Mac cleaning software as it comes with multiple modes of cleaning. This can easily remove the system and user logs, cache, duplicate files. It will also sort the large and old files for you and make it easy to delete them.

This option will help you sort the stored data by shifting it to the iCloud account.