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5 Ways to Save Cleaning Costs for Your Business

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If you are running a business today, you are likely to be putting in a lot of extra effort towards keeping your establishment clean and sanitised. As much as this is a necessity, as a business owner you also have other things to worry about – such as revenues and costs. However, with some smart planning, you can save yourself both effort and money while maintaining the same standards when it comes to cleaning. Here is how.

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Automate Cleaning

Manual cleaning, especially if the area to be covered is large, can be labour-intensive and potentially unhealthy, not to mention costly. The same mop and water being overused over a large area can actually spread infections, rather than contain them. You can try to automate some parts of your cleaning routine. For instance, if you have large floor or corridor areas to be cleaned, consider using automatic floor scrubbers in tandem with a smaller manual workforce. This will not only help you save labour costs; it will also make the process more sanitary.

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Buy Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

A bulk disinfectant liquid purchase once a month compared to smaller purchases of disinfectant solutions every week can lead to considerable savings over time. A 5-litre jar of cleaning product would cost you less per litre than a 500 ml bottle of the same product. Also, when you buy cleaning supplies online in bulk, you save on freight costs – most suppliers give you free delivery for bills over a certain amount. You can buy in bulk mop heads, cleaning solutions, toilet paper and just about anything that is used regularly.

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Compare Equipment & Technologies

Sometimes one has to spend a little money to save a lot more. Investing in new equipment that uses better technology than your earlier cleaning equipment can save you a lot of cash in terms of labour expense, efficiency, and overall cleaning results. Similarly, when looking to buy equipment like floor scrubbers or vacuum cleaners, you should compare the different types of technologies available. You might find that one type is more suitable for your needs than the other, and will end up saving you money. Take the advice of a cleaning expert to help you find the most suitable options.

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Go Green

Using eco-friendly cleaning products can often lead to significant savings over time. This can happen not just because a green cleaning solution could act as an all-purpose cleaner and replace a variety of chemicals at the workplace, but also because of the associated health benefits to your workers. Using green cleaning products at the workplace can reduce the incidence of workplace injury and sickness related to the handling of chemicals. To further save on costs where you can buy the green cleaning products in bulk.

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Train Staff Well

Sometimes, cleaning staff might not be well trained in the proper usage of the cleaning supplies. This can lead to issues like wastage, redundancy of equipment, and excess procurement. Aim to have your staff trained on the correct and most effective ways to handle all cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies, and see your savings increase!

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