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6 Habits That Might Be Detrimental To Your Tinted Car Windows


Installing window tints can be a great investment for your car. It helps improve your vehicle’s visual aesthetic, provides comfort while driving, and protects against excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Car owners can maintain the condition and longevity of car window tinting Swansea by avoiding the following habits.

Ignoring deformities and defects such as bubbles, scratches, peeling edges, and hardened water spots can be detrimental to your vehicle. While these defects are commonly seen on old window films, these can result in further damage if it is not immediately fixed.

Using abrasive cleaners such as ammonia-based products is also not recommended for car window tints. This chemical can eat away the film’s material and cause discolouration. You can opt instead for mild cleaning products to ensure your car window tint’s durability.

Aside from this, avoiding parking under direct sunlight for too long can also help maintain your car window tints. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and heat from the sun can cause cracks on your car’s tinted windows and interiors.

It is also not advisable to smoke inside your vehicle as it can be detrimental to your car’s window tints and interior. Smoking cigarettes can cause discolouration of car interior parts and retain the smell of smoke.

Leaving old tints for too long can also be bad for your vehicle. Window tints have a life expectancy, and high-quality ones can last for at least five years. However, the longevity of window tinting Swansea can also depend on several factors like the quality of installation, maintenance, and UV light exposure.

Lastly, installing new tints over old tints is not a good option for your car window as it can result in uneven colour and smoothness. The best practice is to remove the old car window tints even if they have extensive scratching, peeling, or other damages.

If you want to learn more about habits that could be detrimental to your tinted car windows, here is an infographic by Global Tint UK.