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6 Must-Go Attractions During Al Ain City Tour From Abu Dhabi

Al Ain City Tour From Abu Dhabi

Al Ain –the city of gardens- is located in Abu Dhabi emirate. It is the second-largest city of Abu Dhabi and it is known as the birthplace of UAE’s first president ‘’ Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’’. It is one of the most folkloric cities of UAE where you can combine and culture with present day life. This city includes several attractions for visitors. Every year thousands of visitors come here to explore its majestic beauty. Book Al Ain city tour from Abu Dhabi to spend a wonderful day while traveling through the beautiful scenery of this city


Read this article to explore breathtakingly amazing tourists’ points in Al Ain City. Abu DhaKbi city tour deals are available at very affordable rates to explore every corner of it with your friends and family.


1# Jebel Hafeet Mountain:

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain 4.098 ft above sea level offers a splendid view of the city. Here is a radio station, hotel, and a tourist center to facilitate tourists. It is one of the greatest driving roads on the outskirts of Al Ain city. Its beautiful weather and amazing view invigorate tourists to enjoy epic views from the top.


2# Al Ain Palace Museum:

Al Ain Palace Museum is a spectacular place where you can admire the glory of the Bedouin lifestyle and modern architecture. Here you can explore ancient weapons, tools, handcrafted pieces, jewelry, utensils, and an arts gallery. During Al Ain city tour from Abu Dhabi, you will admire traditional Emirati culture and traditions.


3# Jahili Fort:

Jahili Fortis one of the largest forts in Abu Dhabi associated with the history of architecture, philosophy, culture, and heritage. It was established in 1891 around Al-Jahili Oasis to protect palm farmers. Its square high-walled fort, round tower, and concentric tiers are the point of attraction for many tourists.


4# Camel Market:

Following this, you will get a chance to discover the camel market. It is approximately 15 km away from the main city. This market is worldwide famous to find out the best races of the camels for breeding purposes. Seeing the camel race is a must-go attraction for tourists. Here you can enjoy a closer glimpse of the Arabian traditions.


5# Hot Water Springs:

These hot water springs are located at the base of Jebel Hafeet Mountain. It is surrounded by tall hills, dry rocks, and hard mountains. You can hang out here with your friends and family members. Its refreshing and mineral-rich water will make you fall in love with this place.


6# Al Ain Oasis:

Al Ain Oasis is a UNESCO heritage site in the middle of Al Ain city. This lush oasis covers 1200 hectares and offers a unique insight into traditional Emirati cultivation style. Approximately, 147,000 date palm trees of 100 different varieties are planted here. It was recognized as a hub of biodiversity, genetic resources, and heritage by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.


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