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6 Proven Tips To Protect Different Kinds Of Floor Surfaces


Cleaning and maintenance of floorings is a challenging job. There are multiple ways to improve the life span of floor surfaces. However, it requires preliminary knowledge and hands-on experience to achieve the desired results. Regular mopping or sweeping is an integral part. However, we need special treatments to protect the surfaces. Some people put down carpets on the floor surfaces to avoid damage. That’s not a solution. In fact, cleaning and maintenance of carpets is a tough job. Moreover, different kinds of floorings including marble floorings add elegance to your home’s interior. Always seek guidance from experienced cleaners to protect different kinds of floor surfaces.

Read this article to find 6 attractive ways for protecting floorings. Ideal Cleaning provides the best cleaning services in Dubai at market competitive rates.

1# Put Down Doormats:

Always put down doormats at all entrances to tackle dirt, dust, and grime particles. Everyone wipes feet on doormats while coming inside. It is a better idea to take off shoes, especially removing high heels while coming inside your home. Some high heels destroy floorings as well.


2# Immediately Clean Spills:

The spills on floorings destroy the natural shine, glaze, and the surface layer of the floorings. Leaving spills untreated permanently damages all kinds of floorings. Moreover, some stains also attract germs that spread deadly disorders. Ger regular floor cleaning services to get rid of stubborn stains in just a few minutes!


3#Regularly Mop The Surface:

Regular sweeping prevents scuffing, scratching, and staining on the floor surfaces. Mopping or dusting the floor helps to get rid of dust, debris, pets’ dander, hair strands, and germs. Always use a microfiber cloth and certified floor cleaning chemicals to mop the surfaces. The professional technicians for floor cleaning use EPA-approved chemicals to clean the surfaces.


4# Avoid Harsh Spills On The Surface:

Some harsh chemicals such as ammonia-containing chemicals can damage or discolor the floorings. Always avoid harsh spills on the flooring. These harsh spills also produce pores that can accumulate dirt and germs in them. It is recommended to use certified products for cleaning purposes. Book a professional grout cleaning service to get rid of bacteria and accumulated germs in the grouts.


5# Use Floor Protectors:

Lifting or carrying furniture on the floor can leave scratches on the surface. It also destroys shine on the floor surface. Never drag your furniture on the surface. Use floor protectors for heavy furniture items or appliances to avoid indentation. These floor protectors prevent the formation of scratches or discoloration on the surface.


6# Protect Direct Exposure To The Sunlight:

The prolonged exposure to UV radiations damages the floor surfaces. Do not forget to close curtains or blinds during the daytime to avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. You can also use rugs to prevent discoloration. Moreover, laminate is a UV-resistant floor surface that avoids damage caused by sunlight. The reliable floor cleaning services in Dubai increase the shelf life and avoid discoloration by using trusted procedures.