Modern technology users turn to digital tools whenever they need to find answers to their queries. Internet users are generally lazy, and they do not waste time checking out results available on the last pages … Read More


Modern technology users turn to digital tools whenever they need to find answers to their queries. Internet users are generally lazy, and they do not waste time checking out results available on the last pages of the search engine. Most of the users tend to stick to the results displayed on the first page.

Marketers understand the significance of appearing at the top of search results to capture users’ attention and lure them into purchasing their services. Search engines’ algorithms evolve from time to time, and they display results as per new trends. They follow specific criteria and only list websites that fulfill their requirements. Being the most popular search engine, Google tends to attract maximum visitors when a website ranks top in its search results. It evaluates a website’s credibility based on several factors and brings them to the forefront accordingly.

According to digital experts, websites that fail to rank high on Google’s search face challenges in attracting targeted traffic. However, in the most extreme cases, businesses even lose their potential customers. Presently, marketers tend to adopt innovative strategies and seek advanced measures to bring in more users. The following are essential elements that may help you achieve the desired ranking on Google’s search results.

  1. Construct High-Quality Backlinks

Adding backlinks is the crucial component of digital marketing. The more backlinks a site has, the higher the chances of getting an improved ranking on search engines. However, marketers need to be vigilant while acquiring backlinks. Perhaps, most of the high-quality backlinks are from reputable websites. Besides, the relevancy of the backlinks is an additional factor that helps websites gaining more traffic.

Many marketers are under the wrong impression that backlinks are outdated and do not impact websites’ ranking. Contrary to their belief, link building is still one of the crucial aspects to get higher rankings. Additionally, authentic backlinks raise the chances of getting indexed by Google, which improves websites’ rank.

  1. Install Google Analytics

Many people are not familiar with critical tools such as Google Analytics, which can help you evaluate your web page’s performance. Google analytics gives a report and present exact statistics regarding web pages, such as visitors, their activity, and the time spent on a website. Google Analytics helps marketers get insight into their target customers and understand their patterns as it allows them to track visitors’ demographics and interests.

Besides, it enables you to track organic keywords with the free service of Google Search Console. Installing Google Analytics is a straightforward process and does not require you to bring any tech-savvy person on board. The Internet has several detailed tutorials that teach the installation of Google analytics on different domains. You can integrate them to enhance your websites’ visibility and allow Google’s crawler to index you well.

  1. Develop a Content Marketing Technique

Content is still the most significant component of digital marketing, and experts regard it as a king. Google’s algorithm is getting smarter day by day, as it gauges the quality of content and ranks websites accordingly. Marketers need to provide users with a reason to click on the attached URL from the search results list. Developing a content marketing strategy gives marketers a roadmap to attract customers to their websites.

People generally visit websites that provide them unique, thought-provoking, and informative content, and website owners need to be consistent with the production of one-of-a-kind content. Notably, Google is smart enough to gauge that the website consistently publishes authentic content and index it

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  1. Enhance Users’ Experience

Internet users do not wait for more than twenty seconds for a page to load, and they quickly turn to other alternatives. Google can gauge the websites’ loading speed, put such websites on the back pages, and lower their rankings. Many tools are readily available on the Internet to help marketers measure their websites’ speed, and marketers can use them to identify the speed and increase it accordingly. Modern users generally carry miniature computer smartphone all the time and prefer performing mundane activities on them. They consider opening a desktop and laptop as a hassle. Marketers can optimize their websites for mobile users and attract more customers.

Moreover, unreadable font, complicated layout, and wrong usage of colours can negatively impact its appearance and turn the users away. Marketers need to put themselves in customers’ shoes and optimize their websites, to enhance users’ experience. Users prefer a user-friendly interface and website which are easy to navigate, and Google improves such websites ranking and puts them on the forefront.

  1. Add Site Map

Websites generally include site maps which help Google to determine the crucial pages on the website. Marketers can be savvy and use these pages and maps to help Google identify the essential pages that attract more visitors. The Internet has several tools to help website owners identify if the page is on your website’s map. If you see an error or the web page displays ‘Sitemap: N/A’, it means that the page is not in a sitemap.


  1. Add Meta Description

A meta description is the summary of your web page that lives in the website’s HTML code, but it does not appear on the website itself. It only appears in the search results, and users often read it and decide if they want to check the webpage out. A meta description may not be a significant Google ranking factor but enhances the chances of boosting websites’ ranking. Marketers can be creative while writing it and boosting their website’s rankings.


Undoubtedly, Goggle is a top-used search engine as most users turn to it to get appropriate answers to their queries. People say that if the content or brand does not exist on Google, it does not exist globally, as Google provides information about everything. Marketers strive hard to get into Google’s top rankings to enhance their website’s traffic. Constructing high-quality backlinks, following google analytics, and developing a unique content marketing strategy are some actionable tips in this regard.

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