Decorating the office If you work at home, having a functional and pleasant space is extremely important for you to perform well in your tasks. But, how to get it right when setting up this environment? We prepared this post to help you in this mission. Read on and check out 6 amazing tips on how to decorate your office!

1. Plan the Space:

We don’t always have a room in the house specifically designated as an office. In this case, you can adapt a spare bedroom or even a part of your bedroom or living room.

First, you need to assess the size of the space available. Thus, it is possible to start to get an idea of ​​what furniture and objects might be there.

If you have more than one option to create the office area, choose the most silent and well-lit place.

2. Optimize available Space:

If you need a lot of storage but don’t have a lot of space, opt for wall niches and desks that have built-in drawers, such as desks. Multi functionality is very important when making a small area look bigger.

Also, if the office is a corner of the living room or bedroom, use furniture to delimit each part of the space — you can position a sofa with its back to your work environment, for example.

3. Create an environment with Personality:

The office needs to be more sober than the rest of the house, so as not to bring too many distractions when working. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Have beautiful and interesting objects nearby, such as:

  • Souvenirs;
  • Charming table lamp;
  • Fun mug;
  • Colored post-its.

Remember that you need to feel good in this environment, after all, it’s where you’ll spend a good part of the day.

4. Have the right amount of Comfort:

Having a very comfortable and ergonomic chair is very important for your health and your performance, so invest without fear in one. However, be careful that the office is not so comfortable that it makes you feel lazy. Tips to detect pipe before drilling

Also avoid decorating the space with pillows, as they refer to the comfort of time to relax. If you work in your bedroom, for example, always make your bed and perform your duties with your back to it, resisting the urge to take long breaks that hinder the progress of tasks.

5. Put a beautiful Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is an inexpensive and practical way to give a prettier face to any environment. In addition to decorating and conveying personality, it can also make a small space look bigger.

If you have clients in your office, it’s an easy way to impress them, creating visual interest with a clean, professional look.

6. Be careful with Lighting:

Never work in a very dark environment because, in addition to making you sleepy, it can end up damaging your vision. If you only work during the day, use natural light as much as possible. Take the opportunity to leave some plants in the window and brighten up the place.

It’s also good ideas to combine a nice chandelier with the style of decor you choose for the room and have a portable light on your desk.

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