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7 Effective Home Remedies for Toothache


Since childhood, nearly all of us have suffered from toothache at least once in our lifetime. No matter if the childhood pain was due to a cavity or the wisdom tooth was bothering you, a toothache is unbearable and can cause severe discomfort.

Despite following our grandmother’s advice on rinsing your mouth with saltwater or following the doctor’s advice on brushing teeth twice a day, there are times when a toothache is inevitable. When it comes to treating toothache, there are several treatment options from allopathy to homeopathy.

Both of these methods have their pros and cons and the debate is endless when it comes to comparison. I heard a renowned homeopathic doctor in Peshawar talking about the effectiveness of herbal treatments for oral health problems. However, we can agree to the fact that the choice of a particular treatment option is solely personal. 

Natural remedies for toothache

Keeping the comparison aside, here I’m going to present some of the effective home remedies to treat toothache. These are;

1- Saltwater rinse

One of the most commonly accepted methods to treat a toothache is the saltwater rinse of your mouth. This is considered the first line of defence against oral infections and problems. Saltwater is responsible for clearing oral bacteria because of its properties as an oral disinfectant. A saltwater rinse is also known to reduce inflammation as well as having healing properties.

2- Peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea is known for its various health benefits and the advantages don’t even stop after you drink it. The used tea bags, yes, can be used to treat oral health troubles. You can either place a warm or cold tea bag on the painful area to relieve pain.

3- Cold compression can work

We are already aware of the use of heat and old to treat pain. Similarly, a cold compress is a modified form of cold therapy in which an ice bag is placed on the painful area for 20 minutes. The cold discharging from it can narrow down the blood vessels in the particular region. The constriction of blood vessels can reduce the severity of pain and relief inflammation too.

4- Garlic might help you out

The benefits of garlic are not hidden and all these properties make it one of our favourite herbs when it comes to home remedies. Just like acne or metabolic problems, garlic can also be used to treat toothache. This pain-relieving property of garlic is due to its antibacterial nature that can kill harmful oral bacteria causing the problem of toothache. For toothache relief, you can place crushed garlic or garlic paste on the affected area.

5- Hydrogen peroxide rinse

Another effective way to relieve toothache is to rinse it with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Just like salt, hydrogen peroxide also has anti-inflammation and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is also capable of healing bleeding gums and inhibiting plaque buildup.

6- Clove

This centuries-old remedy is one of the most effective toothache treatments. Clove as well as clove oil has been used to reduce inflammation and is a natural antiseptic that can kill the oral microbes. A few weeks ago, a physician from Pak Medical Center in Peshawar was discussing clove oil benefits and not only a single health aspect was left.

7- Potash alum

Potash alum is the salt with a slight irritation taste but undoubtedly it can relieve the toothache and result in immediate comfort. Potash alum stone is dipped in water for hours and then this water is used to rinse the mouth that can remove potentially harmful oral microbes.


Oral health problems are quite common and can result from mild discomfort to severe complications. Some of the common oral health problems are;

Some of the common oral health problems are

  1. Bad breath (or halitosis, unpleasant mouth odour)
  2. Tooth decay (also known as cavities)
  3. Gum disease (periodontal disease, infection of gums surrounding teeth)
  4. Receding gums (formation of pockets between gum and teeth due to gum tissue leaving its place)
  5. Mouth sores (fever blisters, canker sores, cold sores etc.)
  6. Tooth sensitivity (discomfort or pain from hot and cold foods)
  7. Tooth erosion (loss of teeth structure)
  8. Toothache (teeth pain)
  9. Oral cancer (cancer affecting mouth or throat)

Most of the time, home remedies can treat it to a greater extent but in the case of prevalent infections, it is recommended to visit a dentist immediately.