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7 Features To Use For A Good Ecommerce Application

7 Features To Use For A Good Ecommerce Application

Making an eCommerce application is the new trend. But, what are the basics to get you started?

In past one year, the eCommerce businesses have soared and their sales have gone through the roof. While they were always projected to take over 94% of the sales by 2040, that projection seems to be arriving quickly, since the beginning of the pandemic. Another report states that many physical businesses are vying towards making mobile phone applications, websites and various other elements to turn their focus primarily on eCommerce.

So, what does one need to make such an app? Because unlike various other application types, eCommerce applications are leaning towards providing value to their users. Which is why their usage is high and the demand for making them is flying sky-high. So, to understand making an eCommerce app, we have divided the process into 7 main features you will need to make an application that provides value to your business and your clients. So, let us begin.

1.    Sign Up & Account

One of the initial phases of any eCommerce application requires the user to sign-up. The easy verification system through email might do the job, or you can set-up SMS verification for better security. Once that is done, this feature needs to provide your users with various options such as their location, phone numbers, shipping and billing addresses. This way, you will be able to determine things like shipping time, shipping charges et cetera. Moreover, you can use Google, Facebook or various other APIs to auto-fill these forms and save time on the end of your users.

2.    Search Box

As soon as users open up an eCommerce application, the usual behaviour leads them towards the search box. Since many of the users of eCommerce applications are thorough with what they want, they go right for the product they are looking for. Which is why you should not only focus on making a customizable search box for various options, you also need to index all your products accordingly. developing a thorough search box right off the bat would give you a certain edge over your competition. Moreover, make sure you provide search filters to help your users find specific search results.

3.    Interesting Product Descriptions

While this matter pertains more towards content rather than development, an expert of Custom Android App Development says this is as important as it gets. The better you are at writing the copy of your product descriptions, the easier it will be for you to sell your products. Moreover, make sure you design the product description area thoroughly so not only is it easy on the eyes but also easy to read for your customers.

4.    Product Categories

As it was indicated in the search box section, many users know what they want while others like to browse. That is why it is important to provide these shoppers with product categories so they can shop for products that they are looking for. While many understand exactly what they need, some need to go through a myriad of options. Making an attractive product category section will do just that and provide your users with viable means to browse for their favourite product.

5.    Variety Of Payment Methods

Not every user of your application will be a fan of paying through Cash on Delivery. Some would prefer to pay through PayPal or direct bank transfer. That is why you need to make sure you provide your users with various payment options.

6.    Logistics & Product Tracking

As you might be one of the impatient buyers yourself, many wish to be kept in the loop regarding their order progress at all times. Which is why you need to employ thorough logistics and tracking systems to help your users find out the situation regarding their products at all times.

7.    Variety Of Visual Content

Another element that is relating to content, you need to make sure you equip your products with thorough visual content. One of the keys towards making eCommerce application successful is how well they provide visual value to their clients. So, make sure you use pictures, videos and animations to portray your products.