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7 Fun Things to Do in Stuttgart?


Stuttgart offers enough attractions to keep you busy for many days. But, after you’ve seen the glitzy automotive museums, excellent gallery and museum exhibitions, and wandered the ancient squares, take some time to get off the beaten path and explore the secret corners of Stuttgart.

Go to a Nazi bomb shelter.

The Winkel Towers, named for its creator, Leo Winkel, were built as Nazi bomb shelters. The towers were designed with a conical form to deflect explosives. Though once thought to be impenetrable, several of these buildings failed to live up to their reputation throughout the war due to repeated airstrikes. One of the remaining Winkel Towers in Germany may be seen near the Stuttgart train station. There is also a chance to get profitable offers on United Airlines flight Booking.


Locals shop at Markthalle for fresh vegetables, meat, cheese, seafood, and other items. In addition, a tempting selection of foreign, ready-to-eat snacks and pastries, best washed down with freshly made coffee, can be found here. This is the ideal spot to pick up gourmet gifts or fill a picnic basket, as well as soak up the city’s contagious spirit and people-watch. Book your tickets from the United Airlines Reservations site and reach Markthalle.

The Turmberg

The Turmberg is a 256-meter-high hill that forms the Black Forest’s most northeastern summit. This is the point at which the low range hills begin to ascend up to the mountainous terrain. On top of the mountain, there lies a castle ruin known as the Turmberg castle. You may either ascend the hill via steps or take an electric funicular to the top. Most people come here around dawn or sunset to obtain a good perspective of the city while enjoying the ambience. Book United Airlines tickets online and save more time.

The Lapidarium

The Lapidarium is a little-known tourist destination, yet it’s worth a visit for its uniqueness. This is an open-air museum including the remains of World War II-damaged sculptures, buildings, monuments, and other items. The museum is located in a lovely Renaissance garden, which is ideal for a stroll. The event is free to attend. However you are welcome to leave a donation if you so choose.

Visit a unique museum.

One of Germany’s most unique museums is the Pig Museum, situated in a former pig slaughterhouse. This is a fantastic venue for both adults and children. The presentations range from delightful to hilarious to completely awe-inspiring. You may also expect to learn fascinating pig facts, such as pig sacrifice practises in various cultures, the first example of adopting pigs as pets, and much more.


ZKM is genuinely a centre of creative potential, bridging traditional arts and media technology to achieve novel outcomes. The ZKM Media Museum is primarily concerned with the evolution and application of modern media. There is a lot of contact between visitors and the installations at this museum, and visitors are sometimes included in the production of artwork in the museum.

The Naturkunde Karlsruhe

The Naturkunde Karlsruhe contains both permanent and temporary collections that vary regularly to cover a wide range of natural science themes. This museum is well-liked by youngsters and makes for a fun educational excursion with the family. The museum also encourages science education by hosting school visits and activities on its premises. 

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