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7 Important Factors That Affect Male Fertility


There is a rapid increase in couples who wish to start a family but have infertility issues. There are multiple factors like hormonal disturbances, stress, and likewise that lead to male infertility, which eventually restricts the couple from conceiving. It is a frustrating and stressful situation for those who desperately want to start a family.

But the good news is that there are advanced treatments available with the best male infertility doctors in India, which can help deal with the situation and treat it completely. Before you go ahead and look for the best male infertility doctors in India, you must know about the factors that govern male fertility.
7 factors that affect male fertility

Weight Issues
It is not only obesity that affects a person’s health; underweight people also experience male fertility issues. Weight can reduce the sperm count of the male and can eventually decrease his libido.

Smoking or Alcoholism
Smoking and alcoholism also have a direct impact on the sperm count of males. Furthermore, it also lowers the testosterone level, which eventually causes erectile dysfunction and lower sperm production. Thus, even passive smokers can fall prey to sperm count reduction, which leads to male infertility.

Tight Clothing
People who wear briefs or other pieces of tight clothing for some time may also face infertility issues. It happens because the scrotal temperature rises, reducing the sperm count to a great extent.

One of the most common and well-known factors behind male infertility is stress. Increased stress levels affect the sperm count and the quality of sperm in males due to lower testosterone levels.

Malnutrition and Anemia
Diet or the nutrition that males get also have a considerable impact on their reproductive health. When they meet the best doctors for male infertility in India, one of the first things that a doctor would recommend is to eat the right food at the right time. Moreover, the diet should include foods that treat anaemia and eradicates malnutrition in males.
Hormonal Disturbances
Hormonal disturbances can impact the sperm count, its ability to swim, and morphology. If a male is going through hormonal imbalances, there are only a few chances for the couple to conceive naturally. They will have to talk to the best male infertility doctors in India and discuss various treatments to help them start a family.

Exposure to Steroids
It might come as a surprise, but people who consume dietary supplements, often face infertility issues. The only reason is that they do not give much attention to the type and ingredient list. These supplements are full of steroids which directly affect the sperm count and quality. Hence, all fitness enthusiasts need to ensure they take natural supplements and let nothing impact their hormones and reproductive health.
There can be many other reasons, like an underlying illness that might affect a male’s fertility. Therefore, it is vital to get in touch with the best male infertility doctors in India and get the diagnosis done to identify the issue and start the treatment.