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7 Reason To Choose Debtor Factoring

debtor factoring

Businesses over their functioning period face cash flow shortages. This period when the businesses are facing financial hardship could be devastating to the business owners and businesses. They would require the finance to cover these shortages. Debtor finance is the finance option to effectively cover your cash flow shortages. It includes debtor factoringwhich means a business sells its accounts receivables or invoice discounting.

But why you as a business would opt for this finance option when other options are also available. Here are the advantages that it provides to you. These advantages are why it has become one of the popular choices of finance when businesses experience cash flow shortages. 

Competitive Advantage

In a highly competitive industry, success depends on increasing liquidity and speed. Properly used debt lending facilities enable businesses to retain their clients in attractive terms and ensure their credible cash flow. In addition, quick access to funds means that your company may say “yes” to a new business sooner while waiting months for payments before competitors commit to selling. 

Unrestricted Funding Limits

A common problem with fast-growing companies is when their cash flow needs exceed the bank’s overdraft limit. The value of the asset-backed security does not limit the debtor’s credit limit. Therefore, the company can raise capital as long as it has a secure invoice for sale.

debtor factoring

Lower Risk

An important requirement for overdraft is collateralising private or commercial real estate. In debt lending, the bill’s value secures the loan and prevents real estate assets from being compromised. This way, it lowers the risk factor involved in choosing this finance at times of cash flow crisis.


The funding line is associated with accounts receivable and adapts accordingly. Lines can grow almost automatically as sales to qualified customers grow. This flexibility makes receivable financing an ideal alternative for growing businesses and needs urgent financing.

Better Control Of Seasonal Demand

Many companies have a seasonal component of sales, which can be important for some companies in terms of annual performance. Debtor Finance ensures that cash flow matches demand during peak hours and can prioritise cash during lean times when trading is slow and debtors have long days.

No History Emphasis 

Accounts receivable loans are based on the value of unpaid invoices (accounts receivable). It makes it suitable for newly growing businesses with good sales and prospects, but a short transaction history and are often not eligible for bank loans. It, at times, does not require a credit history.

Tackle Cash Flow Problems

The primary advantage of debt finance is that it can help businesses suffering from cash flow due to late payment of invoices. In many cases, the improvements are significant and apparent shortly after the first bill is funded. These improvements give business leaders greater control over cash flow and better control over payments and new investments.

There are more to add to the list. Providing finance right away has made debtor finance and invoice finance one of the most convenient and profitable alternatives to all the finance options available.  

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