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7 Reasons to use Magento for an eCommerce Site


Magento is one of the famous eCommerce platforms in the market. It supplies main functionality essential for you to run Magento for an eCommerce site are:

  • Check the functionality
  • Shopping cart
  • Account creation and check out options
  • Ability to list several products and track
  •      their availability
  • Integrating payment processing apps to receive payment

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Advanced security:

Website security is significant for all site owners, but while running an online store, there is sensitive financial as well as personal information of the customers. Hence security has become an extra necessity.

Magento for an eCommerce site is the best choice for strong security. The core software offers security against hackers. Magento makes your website more secure by using hundreds of security extensions. In addition, Magento helps you to easily control and access each person who updates the website. In addition, security permissions enable you to limit the risk of any malicious updates to your site or someone by coincidence breaking into your site.

Supports Huge eCommerce Order Volume and product catalogues:

It is understandable to wonder what a free product can do, especially for accomplishing big goals and gain significant traffic. Magento can handle all this. It has the capacity to incorporate 500,000 products in your store on a Magento website. Hence this platform can handle over 80,000 orders each hour.

Powerful Product Search Facilitation:

For an eCommerce website, it is imperative that customers don’t it difficult to search for products. Your website should provide an intuitive and pleasant experience to people who land the first land on your website till they complete their purchase. Hence, Magento for an eCommerce site helps you organize your products in a user-friendly way so that users can easily browse and filter results according to their preferences.

Best SEO practices:

Magento is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly for websites and builds a platform for optimizing pages for search simple. Therefore you can conveniently customize your URLs, create an auto-generated sitemap and fill in the appropriate meta information on your page for a search engine to rank it.

Effective Personalization:

Personalization is an effective eCommerce technique for showing significant results. Magento’s core platform gives you personalization features, but you move even further by tailoring customer’s experience to the website using extensions that provide additional personalization features.

Moreover, by using Magento core, you can create exclusive accounts to track the behaviour over time and show products and ads based on their past views and purchases. You can automate the personalized recommendation process for each visitor. Using these extensions, you can produce automated recommendation and emails based on past behaviour. By delivering personalized ads across all the websites helps you get visitors to your website.

Responsive Cart Functionality:

It is an integral part that online stores keep their website mobile-friendly. Magento for an eCommerce site is an ideal option since its shopping cart functionality is completely responsive. It means it works completely fine on tablets and smartphones in the same way it does on desktop computers.

Third-party applications:

Magento helps a lot with some amazing and useful features for functionality on your site. You need to consider marketing your online store on various channels to get customers to your site. Hence, Magento is well-suited with a wide variety of third-party applications that can help you with parts, such as email marketing software, accounting software products, Google analytics, and payment processing apps. Easy incorporation with the various apps enables you to run your business and take care of all the business tasks according to your convenience.

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