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7 Reasons Why Workplace Safety Is So Important


You’re surely aware of how important workplace safety is, no matter if you run an office or a construction company. However, it’s not all about preventing fatalities; actually, there are many reasons for having a safe workplace. To experience all the perks listed below, it’s vital that you implement an effective occupational health and safety program that will benefit not only the company but everyone in its employ as well. Take a look.

Fewer injuries

For starters, by having all necessary safety measures in place, you will be ensuring there are fewer injuries in the workplace. From training everyone properly for the job they are expected to do to having them use the necessary protective gear all the way to establishing a protocol everyone will follow in case of an accident, there are various ways how you can reduce the risk of injury. This way, not only will you be protecting your whole workforce but you will also be protecting your company from potentially losing valuable time by being shut down or, worse, taken to court.

Lower absenteeism rates

By preventing accidents and lowering the risk of getting injured, you will also be reducing your business’s absenteeism rates. If a worker gets injured, you will probably have to look for a replacement if they need weeks or months to recover. On the other hand, if you think you don’t have to bring a new person on board to cover for the injured worker, you need to keep in mind that all other employees will have to do more during their shift in order to ensure everything is done on time, which might impact their productivity or performance. Lastly, you need to keep in mind that workers that are afraid of having an accident in the workplace due to unsafe conditions are also more likely to call in sick even when they’re feeling perfectly fine.

Decreased insurance claims

With fewer work-related incidents, your company should also see a lower number of insurance claims. You might think that this is not a big deal as workers’ comp usually handles the various costs of a worker’s injury. However, while the workers’ compensation insurance should cover all lost wages and potential healthcare costs, it’s important to keep in mind that your rates when getting insurance can be affected by a high number of insurance claims. If you’re deemed as a workplace that comes along with plenty of risks, you might be paying more upfront.

Smaller costs

In addition to paying less for your insurance, there are other areas where you can save some money by implementing proper health and safety measures. For example, not only will you have the cost of replacing the worker that’s been injured but you might also have to fix any damaged equipment or purchase new pieces. Then, there might be some costs that are not covered by insurance that you will have to take on. Finally, if the injured worker or their family decides to sue you, you could be facing thousands in legal fees.

Higher productivity

While workplace safety can work to reduce many drawbacks that you can experience due to accidents and injuries, it’s not all about damage control. Staying safe in the workforce can also increase the productivity of your workforce. For instance, there are experts for work safety management that will ensure all equipment is serviced and safe, meaning that you will not be losing any productivity on wondering if your machinery is safe to use. Moreover, as fewer employees will be absent, you will be able to handle every task on time and not worry about whether those replacing them will be capable to stay on top of everything.

Happier employees

It’s very simple – employees that are not afraid to go into the workplace are much happier. As these individuals are not thinking about whether they will get injured at work, they will be able to focus on all their responsibilities and handle them all on time. Productive workers see how they are doing everything properly and it simply makes them happier. Happier employees are also more likely to recommend the company to their friends and acquaintances looking for a job as well as more likely to stay with the business for a long time.

Great marketing

Not only can your satisfied employees help spread the word about how safe your business is but you will be getting great marketing in other places as well. For starters, your name will not be in the news due to injuries and lawsuits. Then, you can proudly display your safety measures and achievements on your website that will show not only potential workers but also customers how safe your workplace is.

Workplace safety is of the utmost importance for both your employees and your company. Keep these seven reasons in mind when implementing the best safety measures.