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7 Things to Do in Bundaberg that Are Full of Fun?


Bundaberg is a city in Queensland, Australia, located in the Bundaberg Region. The Bundaberg Regional Council’s headquarters and a significant centre within the wider Wide Bay–Burnett geographical region. The best part is that you don’t need to get worried about the budget. We will also tell you in this article ways to Get Cheap Flights To Bundaberg.

Burnett River’s banks

The local government has recovered the Burnett River’s banks and turned them into a public walking route in keeping with Queensland tradition. The stroll between Alexandra Park and the RiverSide Parklands is unquestionably one of Bundaberg’s most affordable activities. Enjoy wonderful views of the Burnett Bridge and sailboats making their way to the sea while strolling along this short riverfront path. Stop in at the River Cruz Cafe for lunch or a picnic in one of the parks and open areas along the path. Compare Bundaberg Flight Fare on different dates so you can find fewer fare dates as well.

The Sharon Gorge

nown among Bundaberg’s freedom campers looking for (free) low-cost accommodation. There is, however, a hidden jungle trek. A one-kilometre woodland track that leads to the Burnett River’s edge. The trek is short and easy, and while it isn’t a must-see Bundaberg attraction, it is worth seeing if you’re in the area. Always check offers, promo code and deals while booking the ticket and don’t forget to apply to get Cheap tickets to Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Botanical Gardens

Bundaberg Botanical Gardens should not be missed. They are a lesser-known Bundaberg attraction. Whether or not you are a gardener, you should visit them. The art gallery, Baldwin Swamp, beaches, and botanical gardens are just a few of the free activities in Bundaberg that will keep you busy for at least a few days. I had the most fun strolling around the lake, even though there is a Japanese and Chinese garden. No one should be wondering what to do in Bundaberg, regardless of their budget.

Beaches Near Bundaberg to Visit

Bundaberg lies around 10 kilometres inland from the coast. Starting in the north, Mon Repos is a renowned turtle-watching site. As you go south, you’ll pass past the Bargara beaches before arriving at Elliot Heads. While you won’t be able to walk from your Bundaberg hotel to the beach (easy), many beaches are within a 20-minute drive. I took the bus to Bargara and visited Kelly’s Beach, Bargara Beach, and Neilson’s Beach, all of which were fantastic in their own right. So take your flight to Bundaberg, and relax on these beaches.

Taste Organic fruits:

In a time warp to what I believe was the case across the country 20 years ago, Bundaberg employs the honesty box system. Because there are so many individuals who grow fruits and vegetables, many set up roadside booths where you can purchase a bag of fruit for a few dollars. This is a brilliant concept. Even though one farmer accused me of stealing his zucchini stand, I’m still going strong. Before I realised what he was doing, he took a picture of me.

The Hummock

If I were a Pokemon, you’d find me in the mountains rather than the water. Getting here using public transit is not easy. You’ll need to hike for at least a couple of kilometers to reach the peak, but anyone can do it and enjoy the 360-degree views. Regrettably, the Bundaberg region is very flat, with the Hummock having the greatest elevation. From a few kilometres, you can view various crops growing, get a glimpse of the city, and see the ocean.

Bundaberg Rum

Bundaberg Rum is a popular rum with a unique polar bear emblem. The Ginger Beer Tour was more pleasant, in my opinion, perhaps because there was no audio tour or because you knew there would be rum samples at the end. I had been putting off going to the Bundaberg Distillery, but I visited one of Bundaberg’s most well-known tourist attractions on my final day.

The tour focuses mostly on the history of Bundaberg Rum. I’ll give them credit; the storey of how they kept the firm going is incredible. They could, however, have done a better job of relaying the storey. So book your cheap flight tickets to Bundaberg and enjoy world-famous rum.

Bundaberg is a lovely place to live, but it lacks the unique quality that makes it a famous tourist destination that people talk about long after leaving. However, Queensland, let alone Australia, has enough to see and do. So if you’re going to be gone for a few months, put these places on your to-do list.