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700 x 760 Corner Entry Shower Enclosure – The Functionality & Aesthetics Combined

760 X 760mm Square Corner Entry Shower Enclosure - Sliding Door

700×760 corner entry shower enclosure, as the name suggests, can fit into the corner of the bathrooms. That makes it a preferred choice for many bathrooms. If You want to install an enclosure in your bathroom, you may have many options. This may include quadrant, square, and offset one. Regardless of the type of enclosure, you choose, installing an enclosure in the corner will have many benefits. The 700×760 corner entry enclosure is a size that mostly fit in small bathrooms. However, that does not mean you can opt for this size in large bathrooms. Choosing this size in the enormous bathroom is still possible, depending on your preference. 

Here in this article, we have discussed various benefits of corner entry shower enclosure. 

  • 700×760 Corner Entry Shower Enclosure Can Save Bathroom Space. 

The most important benefit of the corner entry shower enclosure is that it helps you save space in the bathroom. Space in the bathroom is premium, and you would like to make the most out of it. Since people are opting for improved bathrooms, you want to use every inch to convert it into a comfortable and modern space. However, when you don’t have an enormous bathroom, space becomes even more important. Corner entry shower enclosure is equally practical for both large and small spaces. And this benefit of saving space equally applies to both.

The corner entry enclosure is a space-saving design because when you fit in the corner, it makes every inch of the space. That differs from other design as that may cause using more space. So, a corner entry enclosure is the best option for any bathrooms.

  • Stylish and Luxuries Look

You would agree the aesthetics of the bathroom is more important than ever. So, it obvious that you would like to choose an enclosure that looks perfect. In addition to that, it should match the overall theme and feel of the bathroom. The corner entry shower enclosure is one of the best options in terms of style and design. If you want to create luxurious and contemporary look in the bathroom, this is the best option for you. 

  • Multiple Door Options 

You may already be aware that not all shower doors are compatible with shower enclosures. You may have limited options when it comes to choosing the doors with quadrant, rectangular or square enclosures. However, this is not the case with the corner entry option. Because, with it, you can use any door you like, and it will work perfectly with it. From pivot to hinged or scrolling, you can use any door with a corner entry enclosure. 

Other Benefits 

There are many other benefits of corner enclosure that may be less significant for you. 

  • If you don’t have an enclosure in your bathroom, your shower area may have curtains. Perhaps with a corner setting of showers or a bath, you will need to cover it with a curtain. Curtain, although it works well with any shower area but may not be a good option for aesthetic purposes. You will always need to clean it after every few days depending on how much your shower area is in use. Replacing it with your enclosure will solve your problem. It will save a lot of hassle and time for you. 
  • A corner that is covered with a curtain instead of an enclosure will block the sight. And that means you can not see through it. It will not look good not you will feel comfortable using it.
  • Without a corner enclosure, your floor will get wet very quickly, which is not at all the case while installing it.

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A 700×760 corner entry enclosure is the best option, whether you have a large or small bathroom. We have discussed various benefits that can be enough to motivate you for it. If you are interested in an enclosure, then you check our range of enclosure. We have all styles available for sale at a competitive price.