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8 Effective Link Building Strategies For Online Marketers

8 Effective Link Building Strategies For Online Marketers

Online marketers are adopting various link-building strategies to increase a web page’s link popularity. Link Building is an active program strategy that enhances the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your website to uplift the site’s rankings for specific keywords. Link building strategy is not a facile job, you need to understand that you can’t create incoming links instantly. If you learn a comprehensive digital marketing course in Ahmedabad, you will get deeper insights into link-building strategies.

Blogging plays an imperative role in Link building. If you blog incessantly, you will get 434% more indexed pages and your inbound link will grow by 97%. Apart from blogging, other ways will help you build the best links and achieve your coveted position in search engines.

1. Use Guest Blogging Strategically

Though the popularity of guest blogging is increasing day by day, still, many companies are not utilizing this opportunity for the betterment of their businesses. If you want to get more traffic to your blog/site, then you should do guest blogging for blogs that will send you traffic. Since you are looking for more links, you should choose sites that not only accept guest posts but also the owner and readers share the post on various social media channels. But before writing a guest post, study the blog’s previous posts and user experience. Gregory Ciotti generated 70000 email subscribers by contributing regularly to popular sites such as Buffer, Copyblogger, and Unbounce.

2. Create and Distribute convincing infographics

Infographics play a pivotal role in your link-building strategy. Infographics generate organic traffic to your blog and help you earn quality links. Several studies have claimed that infographics generate 37.5% more backlinks than a standard blog post. Infographics (visual content) contribute significantly to your link-building strategy.

3. Be active on social media

Social media has changed the definition of marketing and can play a pivotal role in your link-building strategy. Always be active on social media by sharing new posts, images, and updates. If you remain active on social media, it will automatically boost up your brand image and positioning. You will expose your brand and site URL to more people who can share your posts with their target audience. All these activities will enhance your link profile.

4. Use resource links from trustworthy sites

Some authority and trustworthy sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Examiner, and Copyblogger have resource pages that you could tap into as you are creating yours. If a notable site in your niche has accumulated a list of blogs in your industry, their online visitors can more easily find what they are looking for. If you can create a bigger resource article, you will certainly get more backlinks.

5. Leverage broken link strategy

A broken link strategy is the best way if you don’t have adequate time for content writing. For this strategy, you need to find pages on blogs with dead links. Then, request the blogger/owner to replace the broken link with a link to similar content on your site. In this way, you can get more links to your site/blog.

6. Check your contender’s backlinks

If you find that your contenders are ranking higher than you in the search engines, it means they are on the right track. You should check on your competitors to know where their links are coming from. Check what keywords they are using in improving their rank in search engines. By using SEMrush, you can identify and analyze the backlinks of your competitors. If you know which sites are helping your competitors in getting their backlinks, you can build up your link-building strategy based on that.


7. Keep track of your backlinks

People invest a chunk of time and money to get new links, but they hardly track their status. If you don’t track your backlinks, how do you know whether you need to improve your link strategy or not? If you remain active in other blogs and engage your fans on Social Media Marketing, you will get links regularly. You can use different tools to know the number of backlinks that your site currently has.


8. Create a pillar content

You may create and post content regularly, but some of your customers may not get excited with this kind of work. Instead of creating and publishing new content regularly, you can save time by creating pillar content. A pillar article (more than 500 words) is tutorial-style content that will teach your audience something. This type of article is more appealing and offers real value and insight. Pillar content can bring many new audiences and backlinks to your site.

Your website’s link profile is a crucial factor if you want to uplift the ranking of your site in search engines. So, use proper strategies to build links appropriately.

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