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8 Health Benefits of Cryotherapy for Your Body and Mind

8 Health Benefits of Cryotherapy for Your Body and Mind

We are aware of the benefits of cold water to our body and mind for a very long time. A simple cold-water bath can re-energise your body after a stressful day at work. Cryotherapy takes the concept to the next level by submerging your body in liquid nitrogen with a temperature beyond -150°F.

The experts recommend a 3-minute session for beginners to take control of mental and physical stress. However, not everyone can last this long during their first session in cryotherapy. Here, we will discuss the benefits and possible side effects of cryotherapy to help you decide whether it is worth the time, effort, and money.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

The word “cryotherapy” literally means cold treatment. It is a technique developed by the Japanese to control arthritic pains. After years of studies, researchers now claim the following benefits because of this treatment –

  1. Controls Migraine Symptoms

Migraine is a serious and painful condition for patients. Cryotherapy will help with the pain by cooling the nerves in the neck area. You will feel those nerves getting numb to provide the much-required relief from pain.

A study has also found the positive impact of two ice packs applied to the carotid arteries. The researcher believes the relief from the pain results from cooling the blood that passes through intracranial vessels. These arteries are closes to the surface of the skin to allow the treatment to work efficiently.

  1. Reduces Nerve Irritation

Athletes are using cryotherapy to get relief from the pain after intense training or match day. You may find the ice bath in their locker room to numb the muscles and nerves. Not only the irritation, but the treatment is also helpful with the acute injuries sustained during a match.

The doctors suggest the treatment to use the cold temperature of liquid nitrogen to numb the nerves. They might also insert a probe in a tissue nearby the affected area.

  1. Relax and Happy Mood

Anxiety and stress can cause a negative impact on your mood with constant anger, frustration, or irritation with the surrounding. Prepare yourself for the endless negative impacts of this mood change on your personal and professional life. As a solution, cryotherapy is effective with physiological hormonal response to the extremely cold temperature.

The cold temperature will release adrenaline, endorphins, and noradrenaline in your body. These hormones will help people suffering from serious mental or mood disorders. However, it may only provide short-term treatment for these problems.

  1. Treatment for Arthritic Pain

The original purpose of cryotherapy was to help patients with arthritic pain. Localised and whole-body cryotherapy is both a practical and effective treatment for the disease. Also, the toleration for the treatment shows promising results for future treatments.

Doctors and researchers were able to use a more aggressive approach to the treatment. Moreover, the rehabilitation process was also improved with the use of this aggressive occupational therapy or physiotherapy.

  1. Low-Risk Tumours

There is no guarantee over the treatment of cancer, even the low-risk tumours with cryotherapy. Though, the targeted and localised cryotherapy is used in many conditions as a possible treatment. You will find the treatment is called “cryosurgery”.

The treatment involves freezing cancer cells with the extreme cold and use of ice crystals to surround them. The use is currently limited to low-risk tumours of certain types, such as prostate cancer. You can take out guaranteed acceptance loans for the treatment until the insurance money is credited to your account.

  1. May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

There is no credible outcome to support the positive impact of cryotherapy in preventing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Though, many researchers have prepared their theory to support the claim. They suggest the use of whole-body cryotherapy to prevent different types of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

They claim the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect of cryotherapy makes the treatment viable. They will counter the oxidative and inflammatory stress because of the Alzheimer’s to prevent the disease. Again, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim, and we might have to wait for a long time for it.

  1. Treats Skin Conditions

Dry and itchy skins are the symptoms of a skin condition called atopic dermatitis. An increase in antioxidant levels can help with the treatment of this condition. Thus, you can try the cryogenic treatment to get rid of the dry and itchy skin.

The inflammation will get reduced with the control over the antioxidant level. You can use the whole body or localised cryotherapy treatment for atopic dermatitis, acne, sebaceous glands and other skin diseases. Therefore, you should try the treatment even if it takes quick loans for the unemployed to avoid the long-term dermatologist treatment.

Risks and Side Effects of Cryotherapy

  1. Minor Skin Problems

You may experience tingling, numbness, irritation, and redness of the skin after a session of cryotherapy. Nevertheless, these symptoms are temporary in most cases and may last for a few hours only. You should consult a doctor if they last more than 24 hours after the treatment.

  1. Overstay in the Chamber

The therapist will guide you throughout the treatment with some critical information about the impact on your body. They will also suggest a time for the treatment, and you should never overstay in the chamber. It can lead to many serious consequences even if the ice treatment occurs at home with ice packs.

  1. Prior Medical History

People with prior medical history should share it with the therapist and doctor before a cryotherapy session. You don’t want the consequences of the extremely cold condition to cause trouble with your existing condition. Generally, people with diseases that affect the nerves should avoid the treatment.


To sum up, cryotherapy is indeed an effective treatment for your mind and body. It has multiple benefits with a refreshing method that makes it a popular weekend activity for young adults. However, you should consult a doctor before booking a treatment to avoid some serious side effects because of any prior medical condition.


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