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8 Movies That You Should Watch That Features Robot Dolls

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Do you love having your sex doll beside you? Do you fantasize about going home and doing it with your love doll in new and new poses? Is your robot love doll your best sex partner you have to date?

Well, there can be many reasons for your affection toward your sex doll. Like you, more and more people are now embracing these best robotic love dolls and bringing them into their lives for eliminating their loneliness, explore their sexual fantasies, and much more.

There is so much that you can do with your sex doll. You can have sex with her in different positions, fulfill your fetish, you can take her to a bath alongside you, you can talk to her, and you can go for a binge-watch with her on a weekend. Talking about binge-watching movies with her, why not watch movies that feature sex dolls? Sounds interesting? So, take a look at some movies which features sex doll stories. Or if you are just planning or wondering whether having a sex doll is good for you, these movies will definitely be the right pick for you.

Movies That Feature Sex Dolls That You Should Watch

  1. Ex Machina

His science fiction thriller features a sexy robot girl Ava who is a complete lookalike of a real human. Gradually she becomes fascinated with her creator and then later plans to take her along and help her escape from the confinement.

  1. Lars and the Real Girl

This film features the lead actor suffering from a social condition where he cannot make friends, let alone initiate talking or a relationship with a girl. Soon, he gets interested in sex dolls and brings one, Bianca, home. Not just the robot doll becomes his best companion but also helps him to get along with other people as well.

  1. Her

This is one of the most popular films to come in the last decade, of any genre. Going through a hectic divorce and leading a lonely social life, Theodore brings an AI system with a virtual assistant having a female voice. The movie deals with how he grows close to the robot.

  1. Dummy

Cody one day finds a sex robot in the house of his boyfriend. While initially, she thinks of her as only an object that satisfies one aspect, soon she grows close to the doll (Barbara) and how soon they start a strong bond for lifelong companionship.

  1. Cherry 2000

Released in 1987, this movie was well ahead of its time. Sam had the love of his life, a robot doll Cherry destroyed due to a short circuit when they were having sex on a wet kitchen floor. After this Sam gets depressed, but soon starts on a mission to find Cherry lookalike and hires a sex-charged tracker ‘E’ to look for the right replacement.

  1. Love Me, Love My Doll

This is a 2007 released documentary kind that will definitely suit you when you want to get first-hand experience of doll users. The movie takes you through a bunch of guys’ encounters with love dolls and how those robots have helped them find companionship, love, happiness, and satisfaction.

  1. Love Object

This is a 2003-released romantic horror movie that takes you through the journey of a particular writer in Kenneth. When he is promoted to the role of an editor, he falls for his assistant Lisa but thinks that she is way out of her league. This takes him to order a real-life-like sex doll, customizes it to look and feel like Lisa, and names her ‘Nikki’. The robot helps her become confident to start dating Lisa, but soon problems start creeping when Lisa comes to know about her robot doll.

  1. Air Doll

When talking about movies with sex dolls, how can we not have a feature from Japan? Air Doll is a classic drama that centers on an inflatable doll named ‘Nozomi’. Her owner Hideo takes care of her fully and leads a life-like being with a real partner. The problem starts when Nozomi, once, accidentally comes to life and leaves home to explore the real world.

Have you seen any of these movies? If not, then mark any one or all, or howsoever you like, for your binge-watch this weekend and know how captivating the world of sex dolls is that it has been capturing the imagination of filmmakers for decades.