8 Thing to Know Before Buy a Used Car in Dubai:

Are you looking for a buy used car in Dubai? Well, this one’s for you. Perhaps you want to buy a new car but can’t afford it a new brand. Or maybe you have no … Read More

Are you looking for a buy used car in Dubai? Well, this one’s for you. Perhaps you want to buy a new car but can’t afford it a new brand. Or maybe you have no long-term plan in this city or aren’t spend a lot on your vehicle. Buying a secondhand car can be tricky, so go through our detailed list before buying a car.


  1. Research Your Needs:  You should update yourself with car models available in your budget. If you are buying and selling a car in dubai from an authorized dealer, check out the reviews to know their services’ reputation.


  1. What is the mileage? This is an obvious question that how much car mileage is? One of the first things you have to do is check the car’s odometer to determine the machine’s age. A car with mileage below 130,000 km can be considered healthy.


  1.  Lookout for fluids: Check a brown stain on the engine block to avoid buying a car that needs a mechanic after purchase. Brake fluids should be clear. Transmission should be clear. Check the vehicle for rust, as it means the radiator, heater core or water pump will need to be repaired sometimes in the future. Along the body also checks the tires. Sit in the car for some time, and check the seats, radio, turn signals and lights, use all the switches in the car if they are working or not?
  2.  Going below the hood: all these tips will work well if you are concerned with a certified mechanic. Check if there is any leakage or chassis has any rust. If you notice black smoke, it means the engine consumed a lot of fuel. If the smoke is blue, it means the engine has started to burn oil. If any of these exist in the car, then walk away.
  3.  RTA tests and checks: After selecting a suitable car, you should ensure that it is good in working conditions. Not everyone is good with information about the car. It would help if you asked for a passing guarantee by RTA, which depend upon a series of tests and checks conducted by the testing centre approved by RTA. 6.
  4. Take a car on the road: Examining the car inside out is good, but in the end, a test drive is a key. You can check if the car makes any strange sounds and gears are smooth or not? You will also feel how the vehicle drives. In case you are feeling comfortable driving it, you can initiate the negotiation according to the knowledge you gained after checking the car properly.
  5.  Documentation: After buying a car and having the car’s registration in your name, keep with yourself the copies and the original documents. Keep the cards, service details and receipts with yourself. At the time of sale of the car, history of service may help negotiate for the car’s price, which is well condition.
  6. Over to you: Purchasing a secondhand car can be a good option for residents. There are various cars available in all conditions, age and prices range in the market. Finding cheap car insurance in the UAE is the next important thing. You can consider the tips mentioned above for purchasing a secondhand car in the UAE.


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