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8 tips and ideas to improve the look of your marketing material instantly


Some business owners will try to make their own brochure, website or brochure because they either can not afford to hire a professional designer or a digital marketing agency in lahore or because they think they can do it themselves and save time and money. But they often fail to produce what looks sophisticated and professional. As a result, the material looks homely and cumbersome, and the company itself loses valuable credibility. How can you save money by creating your own designs and keeping your print or web content looking sleek and professional?

Here are 8 simple tips.

Tip 1: Edit digital photos. Have you ever wondered why the last time you used a digital image in a project, it looked good on screen but was blurry? This is because the resolution (in pixels per inch) was not high enough. Most digital cameras record at 72 pixels per second. glossy, even at the highest resolution. Sure, you get a bigger picture, but the result is still only 72 pixels. empty. Images digital marketing agency in lahore must be changed to a minimum of 300 pixels per. second. inches to ensure the best print quality. This can be done using image editing software such as Photoshop. Typically, images should be the same size as 300 dpi print.

Tip 2: Remember this when in doubt.

 Do not make the text too large. It looks clumsy and amateurish. The main text should not exceed 11, preferably 10 points. Business cards look thinner and more professional if the text size is 8 or 9 pixels.digital marketing agency in lahore

Tip 3: Find a contrast measure. Headings must be bold and at least 2 or 3 characters larger than the main text to be contrasting. Also, never use uppercase letters. They are usually harder to read.

Tip 4: Avoid fonts that are difficult to read. 

These smart fonts are beautiful but scary and hard to read in a booklet or brochure when used in a headline that consists of more than 3 words. Use them as a digital marketing agency in Pakistan sparingly and as jewellery. Tip 5: Avoid rivers and potholes. Align text left, right. Mandatory text (RIGHT on both sides) tends to create awkward spaces between words. Straighteners should only be used on lines longer than 3 inches, such as in novels or magazines.

Tip 6: When everything matters

, there is nothing. Remember, when everything is big and brave, nothing stands out. Just select one or two items from a digital marketing agency in Pakistan you want to select. Also use italics and bold not to underline all capital letters.

Tip 7: White space is good

. Do not place text too close to the edge of the paper, photo or graphic. Leave some white space.

Tip 8: Cut the cheese.

 Do not use cheese drawings in serious sales items or brochures unless your digital marketing agency in lahore is as serious as party gifts or puppetry for children.