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8 Tips from Popular Stand-Up Comedian to Be a Funnier In Your Show


It is perhaps easy to get started and impress the audience in your first few shows. But what next when you have run out of jokes and the stories you had. Here you will have to make some efforts so you have good material to perform in the upcoming shows. For instance, you can observe what other popular stand-up comedians do, learn how to write stand-up comedians, etc.

So, if you want to stay funnier in your shows, we have covered some valuable tips from the popular stand-up comedian in Chicago. These tips will help you survive in stand-up comedy in the long run, and your audience will find you even more funnier over time. Let’s begin!

Share your real-life experiences

Sharing personal stories is considered the safest humor because they are original, and people can easily tend to believe with them. All you need to do is closely observe whatever happens with you and around you. You will find dozens of stories and accidents around you. The more you observe, the more stories you will get around you. Keep a notepad and pen with you and write them out wherever you find the stories. The real-life experiences make the audience more excited and engaged with your subject.

Find the funny in pain points

You may have struggled in your life to get there. Now when you are in search of content for you show, finding the funnier in the pain points and your struggles, and playing with it can be a great way to create laugher for your audience. Here we are not talking about audience pain points. Simply talk about your pain points in a lighter mood to create fun.

Screen your jokes

Obviously, you will tell your jokes and funny stories to create laugher. But the more important is how to tell your stories and jokes. How you present yourself and tell your jokes make a difference. Simply, every stand-up comedian cracks jokes and tells stories, but their approach to presenting the stories and jokes makes them stand out from the rest.

Do something memorable

One of the best Current stand-up comedians has said that memorability is more important than likability. Your audience should go back to their home with some great memories from your show. They will remember you and your show for a longer time and are likely to come back to your show in future. So, try to make your show more memorable for the audience by sharing real-life experiences, new jokes, etc.

Write every day

As we mentioned above, for the first few shows, you may have enough stories to share, but you will run out of the stories. Then your daily writing habits will work for you. Like we said, always keep a notepad with you and write every day, write whatever you come across throughout the day. And go back to writing stuff the next day. You will have more ideas to add to that piece of writing. It will make the existing piece of writing more interesting and funnier. Rewriting helps you see your piece of writing with a new perspective. Eventually, you will have a very interesting material to deliver in front of your audience.

Share your point of view

Don’t be afraid to share your point of view on a particular subject. Remember, comedians who have no point of view are not interesting enough to their audience. You are a part of this society, and you must have your point of view on a subject you are talking about. It will create a strong image among the audience by getting a laugh at the same time.

Use tension

Setting-up tension while cracking a joke or telling a story make your audience more curious and engaged with you. Identify what makes your audience more uncomfortable, restless, and anxious. “There has to be some tension for a punch line to land,” says Zahra Noorbakhash, one of the best current stand-up comedians.

If the energy is low, bright it up

If your audience seems tired or bored, then first brighten it up by asking them to offer a round of applause. But before that, make an entry full of energy and smile. Even you make entry by running on the stage instead of walking slowly. Remember, if the audience is already feeling exhausted and bored, no matter how interesting jokes you crack, it will not create a laugh that you expect. Therefore, firstly you will have to bright your audience up and then start to perform.