How to Use PEX Crimp Tool Properly

The PEX crimp tool that people use will help them put crimp rings around any pipe that they are working with.   These crimp rings are very useful because they provide a seal that is … Read More

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The PEX crimp tool that people use will help them put crimp rings around any pipe that they are working with.


These crimp rings are very useful because they provide a seal that is almost impossible to break.


In fact, you have to go through a complex procedure just to remove the crimp ring in the future.


You are getting the security that you need on your pipe fits, and you are doing so using a fairly simple process.


Read below to learn how the PEX crimp tool works, and remember that you need to do a little trial and error the first time as you learn how the tool feels.



You need a PEX crimp tool along with the pipes you are working with.


You also need the PEX crimp ring that you plan to place around the pipes.


The rings are made to fit around a certain pipe size, and you must be certain that you have a heating element if it is cold where you are working.


You want the ring to be slightly warm when you start so that it will fit over the pipe, and you need a towel that will help you clean the pipe so that there is no debris under the ring when it is installed.


The PEX crimp tool that you have purchased must have a handle long enough that you can hold it easily, and the tool should have a fine adjustment tool that will be able to close it to the exact size that you need.


The PEX tool must also have teeth that will crimp the tool perfectly.


Do not purchase a tool that seems to be too smooth.


How to Use PEX Crimp Tool Properly

Using the PEX crimp tool requires a few steps so that you are in the right position to use the tool and get the results you want.


There are many people who will want to use PEX crimp tool because they think that it is easier to manage, and they should invest in the rings, the tool, and the process of closing the crimp rings.


You will start by making certain that your crimp rings fit around the pipe that you are working with.


Crimp rings are sold by size, and they must slide on easily.


The rings itself should not be too loose because the crimp tool cannot force. It to be another size.


You diminish the integrity of the crimp ring when you have tried to crush it around a smaller pipe.


The crimp ring must be heated lightly before you try to close it.


You are not heating the ring to make it soft enough to fit the pipe.


You are making the crimp ring ready to be closed.


It will cool down quickly, and it will close tight around the pipe so that you get a fit tight enough that it will never release.



The PEX crimp tool must be adjusted like any other wrench to fit around the pipe that you are working with.


You must make certain that you have the wrench close enough to the pipe that you will only need to squeeze just a little bit.


The pressure of the ring against the outside of the pipe does some of the work for you.


You will find that you can close the crimp ring in just a couple seconds.


The tool should be adjusted tight a possible, and you need to slide it over the ring to make sure that it is lined up perfectly.


The tool will be squeezed over the crimp ring, and you will hear the slight crimping sound when you close the crimp ring.


Release the tool, remove it, and give the crimp ring a moment to settle.


The process itself only takes a few moments, and you will have a complete seal on the pipe.


The process can be repeated many times over as you do plumbing work in the house, and you will find that the tool is much easier to use because you are not exerting so much force.


The people who are using the PEX crimp ring will be able to complete the job even if they do not have much upper body strength.


If you are using a much wider crimp ring, you can crim the ring twice.


Simply crimp the area closest to the opening of the pipe first, slide your tool back, and crimp the ring again.


You can exert the same amount of pressure both times, and you will have a level surface to work with as you slide broth pipes together or slide on the hose fitting.


Be certain that you have planned this process in the manner explained above.


You cannot do this too carefully, and you will get the exact fit that you need many times over.


Home plumbing projects are made much easier because you are not using plumber’s tape to fit everything, and you get a seal that almost never releases.


If you are planning on doing a lot of work in your home, you might purchase a large and small PEX crimp tool so that you can get the exact fit that you need.


The smaller tools give you the right amount of pressure for thin copper pipes, and the larger crimp tools will give you the right fit on a heavier steel pipe.


You can do all your own plumbing work, and you do not need to do the soldering that you usually see.



The PEX crimp tool is one of the easiest things to use when you are working on home plumbing projects.


You might select a tool that you found in the local hardware store, and you can adjust it to fit your pipe.


Buy the rings that will match your pipe, and line everything up to close the fitting.


You can close the crimp ring in moments, and you can move on to fitting both pipes together or attaching the hose that is required.


The PEX crimp tool is easy to learn even if you have no training in the plumbing field, and it is a tool that you can keep around for any future plumbing jobs you want to do in the house.


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