9 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Make Your Washington House Look Spectacular


    Are you a Christmas enthusiast who loves transforming their Washington homes into a winter wonderland? Then here are some amazing ideas that’ll help you achieve it.

    Whether you plan on using store-bought decorations or a mix of DIY to add a personal touch, each is special in its own way.

    We have a simple rule for Christmas; go big or go home. It’s that one time of the year we’re going all out, and extra is fun, from giant holiday lights for the mantle to complete house overhauls.

    To help inspire you, here are some amazing decoration ideas for your Washington homes:

    New Interior Doors

    If you love going extra, start by getting your interior doors replaced if you haven’t recently. No matter how much time you invest in decorating your home, old and worn-out doors can kill the look completely.

    Ditch your current doors for magnificent steel doors instead. They come in a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. Our forever favorite remains French steel doors as they are everlasting and blend with any decoration style. Another amazing steel door to consider is Crittall style steel doors that look similar to French but different. They offer a super symmetrical grid pattern that looks elegant.

    Christmas Wreath for Dining Room Door

    Do you have a breath-taking glass and steel door that uplifts the overall aesthetics of your dining room, but you don’t want it to hide behind the decorations? Then make it a decoration of its own!

    Who said wreaths are supposed to be for the outside? Follow a DIY tutorial to make your own Christmas wreath that complements your steel door beautifully. Or purchase one from the store. Either way, it will take your iron door look to the next level.

    Oversized Ornaments

    Don’t let your staircase look empty when every other house spot is blinging with Holiday decor. Oversized ornaments look incredible when hung  on the  staircase with colorful strings. They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit every decoration theme.

    If you want to stay true to the Christmas theme, we’d recommend sticking to round ball-like ornaments in red and purple color with a touch of white to keep the vibe bright.

    Christmas Themed Cushions

    Don’t limit your decoration to  doors  and walls only. Extend the decor to every  corner  of your home, including sofas. When guests enter your home, the first place where they settle on is your sofas.

    Many Christmas-themed cushions cover available online can help you achieve the look. There are many options to choose from printed Santa to reindeers and sleighs.


    Free Up Space to Fit a Gigantic Christmas Tree

    Do you want to fit the biggest Christmas tree possible in your Washington home, but the limited space keeps bothering you? Free up more space by ditching some walls.

    A quick fix for such an issue is tearing down the cemented wall in exchange for a steel door- style room divider.

    French steel doors are super versatile as they can be used as traditional door and room dividers if you make them oversized. The glass panes supported by the steel frame provide structural integrity while allowing an abundant flow of natural light.

    DIY Christmas Card Tree

    Have a large family with many people coming over to visit you on Christmas? Then rather than stacking the Christmas cards on the table or shelves, make a Christmas tree instead that’ll keep the cards at the front for people to take when exiting. Plus, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

    Berry Christmas!

    Are you tired of spotting the same garland at every home and want something different for yours? Consider adding lots of berries to the garland to help take it to the next level.

    You can either have a hint of berries to the garland to make it more popping while keeping a balance or make an entire garland out of berries and use it to decorate the fireplace.

    A New Entrance Door

    While most people think that the entrance door plays a huge role in exterior decoration, it is important.  Imagine the main entrance that  ties the look together  of interior decoration being damaged and wonky? Yikes.

    We’d highly recommend getting an iron door as it’s everlasting and depicts utmost elegance. From the subtle shine it reflects when the sun hits it to the fierce look it provides to the entrance of your home, iron doors are always a fabulous choice.

    And if you’re looking for ideas to let the neighbors take a peek at your interior decoration, consider pairing your iron door with sidelights and transom. Enjoy the sunlight during the daytime and shine your decoration bright at night!

    Deck Your Walls

    Do you have too many Christmas presents under the tree that makes the place look crowded rather than cute? Don’t stuff everything under the tree and spread out the presents instead.

    While a family scavenger hunt is a great idea, if you want to keep it simple, use the presents to decorate your walls. Place them randomly on the shelves and let everyone spot their present.

    Best Iron Door Manufacture in Washington

    Since Christmas is just around the corner, no one can provide you with a custom iron or steel door at such short notice. But you can always consider ready-made steel and iron doors instead.

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    Anyone interested can visit their website and skim through the magnificent collection. Place an order now to get it installed in time for Christmas.