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A Brief Guide to Medicare Insurance in Nevada

Medicare Insurance Nevada

Insurance plans have been quite confusing for some people. From Life Insurance to travel insurance and from marine insurance to Medicare Insurance Nevada; there so much that these plans and policies have to offer. However each insurance plan is different and is required by a different set of people.  For example, single people who do not have anyone depending on them whatsoever think about investing in life insurance. Likewise, if you are not much of a traveler or you do not travel at all you would not consider buying travel insurance. Similarly, Medicare insurance Nevada is only helpful for people who are 65 years old and above.

This piece of article we will be sharing some of the basic information about Medicare insurance and its different parts. It will help you get an insight to medicare insurance and understand its purpose.

Parts of Medicare Insurance

There are different parts of medicare insurance in Nevada and they are as follows:

Hospital Insurance:

Part A of Medicare insurance is hospital insurance. It helps you pay for hospital stays, nursing facilities and other medical services that are involved within it.

Medical Insurance:

This is part B of Medicare insurance. This will help you in paying for your lab tests, doctor services and outpatient caring facilities. One has to pay a premium for part B coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans:

Medicare advantage plans are offered by private health plans and they include both the above mentioned parts in it. However you must already have Part A and Part B, to avail medicare advantage plan or else, you are not eligible for it.

Medicare Insurance Nevada

Prescription Drug Coverage:

This is Part D of the medicare insurance and this is also offered by private health plans only. There are two options available in this; stand alone prescription drug plan or a medicare prescription advantage plan. For this coverage, you must have Plan A and B already.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Insurance?

So are you eligible for Medicare insurance in Nevada or not? Is it important for everyone to have this insurance coverage? Let’s find answers to your queries.

Medical insurance is attainable by adults who are 65 years old and above. In some cases you will get part A and part B of the Medicare insurance automatically. This usually happens when you are getting benefits from the retirement board already. Thus, the retirement board automatically generates part A and part B of Medicare insurance for you on the first day, when you turn 65. However, if this does not happen you are required to enroll for Medicare insurance in Nevada.

In other cases if you are below 65 years old but you have a disability you are eligible for part A and part B of Medicare insurance Nevada. The social security board for their retirement board usually takes care of this and generates the first two parts of insurance for you on their own. Likewise, if you have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, you will get Part A and B of the insurance automatically.

On the other hand if you are not giving benefits of social security or the retirement board then you must enroll for Medicare insurance by the age of 65. Even if you are close to being 65 or you have entered your early sixties you can enroll for Medicare insurance in Nevada. But if you are collecting social security your retirement benefits then you will automatically get Medicare insurance and you do not need to enroll for it separately.

But how do you know if you are enrolled for Medicare insurance in Nevada? If you have been enrolled automatically you will receive your blue or white card of Medicare insurance via mail 3 months before turning 65. On the other hand if you are disabled and you are automatically generated for Medicare insurance then you will receive your card on the 25th month of your disability. If you want you can apply and enroll for this insurance in case of disability on your own as well.


We hope that this brief guide helps you understand Medicare Insurance Nevada and its eligibility too. If you don’t want whole madicare Insurance you can take a look of Dental Insurance in Nevada If you are not gaining benefits of social security or the retirement board, then you can visit Retirement Planning Solutions and get your medicare insurance plan sorted out.