A Brief Overview of Eddy Current Testing

Eddy’s current testing is generally a kind of testing that is usually done to find flaws in certain metal elements. It is usually non-destructible testing in which electromagnetic induction is preferred in form of eddy current … Read More


Eddy’s current testing is generally a kind of testing that is usually done to find flaws in certain metal elements. It is usually non-destructible testing in which electromagnetic induction is preferred in form of eddy current weld inspection and Eddy current detector is used to detect flaws in the surface and subsurface of a conductive material. The experts who conduct such testing make sure that the quality and enhancement of the material remains safe, and while such testing takes place in hot places, the release points have to be in consideration too.

Mainly there are 2 types of inspections done in such a process by using an Eddy current testing machine and such inspections may be surface inspection and tubing inspection.

What it helps to understand better is that exactly such material must be proved to have proper specifications and by such testing, it becomes easy for experts to ensure the purity of the material itself.

Surface inspection 

This type of inspection is mostly found to have been used in the aerospace industry, but sometimes it has been used also in the petrochemical industry. By using high proficient Eddy current testing equipment, the technique seems to be very sensitive and can also track tight cracks. More than that, surface testing can be implemented both on ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic material and detect the material easily.

Tubing testing 

This type of testing is mostly done on non-ferromagnetic material and is known as the conventional tube testing process. It is basically used to test steam generators with heat sources in nuclear plants or other heat generators in the power and petrochemical industry. The technique against using the Eddy testing pillar may be sensitive, but wall loss or corrosion is possible in such a case.


A variation of partial magnetic material to be tested by such a technique is called saturation.

In this technique, permeation variation is involved by creating a magnetic field that insures to detect flaws by certain devices and bring a proper metal response. It usually contains eddy coils and magnets to enhance the capacity of testing. This inspection is more effective on ferromagnetic metals such as Nicolle’s alloys, duplex alloys, chromium, and steel. Mostly it depends on the eddy testing equipment, eddy testing machine, and also Eddy testing companies, how they deal with it and permeability depends on basis of side and diameter.

Remote field eddy testing 

There is one more testing process for carbon shield which comes by the name of remote eddy field testing. It is usually done to ensure metal refinement within carbon and a magnetic base is preferred. However, this method is sensitive to general walls whereas lesser sensitive to pits and cracks.

Things to consider for surface testing 

When it comes to surface testing, the inspection may depend on various conditions. Thus these following things have to be carefully considered in such a situation:

  • Effect on paint or coding 
  • Computerized track record 
  • 3d print imaging 
  • User dependence 
  • Speed 
  • Post inspection analyses 
  • Required chemical consumable 

This is how it works and such substantial features have to be checked while considering surface testing.

Companies for testing 

Besides looking at the way testing is conducted, it’s also vital to see what companies presume to make Eddy’s current testing more efficient. There is a vast possibility of work in this field as companies continue to grow, take an interest, and wish to encase more channeling of such current testing by the introduction of more high caliber equipment. What is a common view among such companies that for such certain material to prove its scale they do require testing machines and hence they are more interested to invest largely in such equipment?

For gaining priority, variables, and also to get approval to test at high-level standards both in surface and tube base testing, they have settled on certain plans to implement and get proper responses too.

The idea is to achieve more brand, equal response technique, and appoint more experts into the field so Eddy’s current testing can become more vibrant itself.

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