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A Complete Guide To Write A Press Release

A Complete Guide To Write A Press Release

What is a Press Release?

Press Release is an excellent public relations & marketing tool used today. It is mostly used for PR campaigns and It creates a vast exposure tool for its brand & services.

Press Release is a way where you get to know a lot of stories & news online. It is the most convenient way to promote your brand and services as well. You come across this press release on social media, different websites & etc.

The actual idea behind the press release to give your facts & data to a publication where your story is newsworthy. It helps to get news to its wider audience.


Why should a business send a Press Release? 

  • To improve the image & set a brand reputation
  • To get media coverage
  • To improve SEO
  • To find new sales

What’s Included In A Press Release?

  • A headline is necessary where you put your main tagline of your story
  • Give out your contact details to get in touch
  • If its an event mention the address & the location with time
  • Give out a body copy where you mention a brief information about the event.
  • Include some quotes
  • Give out some insights about your organization or firm.


Press Release is meant to be sent to most of the people around it used for an announcement, breaking news, upcoming events, etc.

Here’s a Complete Guide To Write A Press Release

  1. Choose a right story


Research on choosing the right story for your press release. It should be very unique, different & innovative. Look out for stories which are about to happen or just happened, not the ones which are 1 or 2 months old. Choose a relevant topic to cover which could target a set of audience. If you choose to target articles of brands like shaving gel then mens would be your target audience & not the women. Write a very unique story about it and not the same things the industry is talking about.


  1. Answer the right questions


A press release isn’t just information, it is the answers to the questions people have, for example PR company Public Media Solution is partnering with a Brand which is into tech so the press release itself should solve the questions like who, what, when, where, why & how.


  1. Target the correct audience


Press Release should be written with a specific audience in mind. It is important to send the key message of the press release to its audience. It allows one to have a certain reaction or response to it. It is important to keep both the audiences in mind and write a press release. If you want to reach out your press release to its larger audience try to change certain wordings and distribute it throughout.


  1. Choose a right headline


When you choose an attractive headline for your press release it attracts the attention of the readers very easily. It is not about adding fancy headlines to it in fact use clever points where you tempt readers to read your press release very easily. For an instance if your company plans to launch something new you can write up a headline like Public Media Solution To Launch Human Robots

  1. Perfect your writing 


Most of us think a press release is easy, you just have to write down facts. But how? You need to format sentences for that and that’s how you complete the facts. Choose relevant topics that your readers would want to read. Write down the press release through the third person view and most importantly keep it short & simple, easy for the readers to understand. Remember to highlight the main point of the press release.


  1. Check twice 


Now before sending your press release double check your story whether it sounds great and is very neutral. Check the release & publishing date, Check out the contact information & details, check the headline is it catchy. Check the boiler plate if it’s at the end, Check if the relevant details are mentioned, Check the spellings regularly, Check if the relevant persons name & information is correct.


  1. Target the right journalist & publication 


Now there are certain publications where they release the new organically. You can try that. Choose a publication where you have a heavy weightage to your press release.




Now after releasing you can send your press release to various news portals or publications where they will be ready to cover the news. Create a press kit which includes pictures of your team, brands or products picture, contact details & the brand information.


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