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A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Your Car


Are You Locked Out?

To begin, double-check that you are indeed locked out. It may seem insignificant, but you’d be shocked how often Dubai locksmith arrives to unlock a customer’s vehicle only to discover that one of the automobile doors had been left unlocked.

Check all the doors to make sure they’re all locked before you do anything else. Try the trunk as well; it’s often forgotten, and folding the seats through the trunk can often get you back inside the vehicle.

Where Is Your Spare Key?

So you’ve double-checked all the doors and determined that the automobile is securely locked. What comes next?

You could try using your spare key, but this could not be easy depending on your situation. Is there a spare key in your house? How far have you come? Is there somebody who can bring it over for you? If you’re in a hurry, you might be better off trying to open the car yourself or contacting an Unlock car service. Getting your car unlocked by a locksmith is usually less expensive than getting your house opened.

Calling a Locksmith in Dubai

A Car key maker Dubai could be less expensive than others, just like any other service. Unlocking a vehicle is straightforward with the correct tools and doesn’t need much talent so that the cheapest locksmith will perform the job just as well as the most costly.

So, how do you get the best deal? You go shopping. Request an exact total price for unlocking a vehicle from 5 different locksmiths, including service call and labor. Cross them out and go on to the next one if they say they need to see the car to establish the pricing or only price the job on site.

How to Unlock Your Car?

To unlock a vehicle without its key, you need to open it as if you are inside the car – using either the electronic unlock button or the manual button on one of the doors. The idea is to find a way to create a space between the door to put a tool into your car and open the unlock buttons.

Step 1: Finding the Unlock Button

Most cars have two types of unlocking buttons. The electronic unlock button is usually located on the driver-side door’s panel, and one click on it will open all the doors at once.

The manual buttons are present on each door, and unlocking will open that particular door. Older model cars with no electronic locking mechanism have a manual unlock button. They can only be opened by engaging the manual unlock button on the door or by using a tool to pull the handle from the inside.

 Step 2: Wedging the Door & Frame

You need to make some space between the door and the car’s frame that will give you some room to slide a tool in and click the unlock button carefully. This is crucial because prying the door open puts a lot of pressure on the door and the locking mechanism, and too much of it will either bend the door or break the locking mechanism altogether, which will leave you in need of a Lock repair Dubai service.

 Step 3: Sliding The Tool into the Car

All you have to do now is locate a thin, long tool, slide it inside your vehicle, and push or pull the unlock button with it. A wire coat hanger is usually the finest home tool for this job because it’s long, thin, and can be bent to fit the location of the unlock button in your automobile.

Depending on the tool you’re using, you may attempt to unlock the door by moving wedge and tool from different angles. If you don’t have a wire coat hanger, look for a small branch with a slight incline. It must be sturdy enough not to break when pressed against the unlock button. It’s easier to press the electronic unlock button, but if your tool can’t access it, try the manual unlock button instead. If your automobile has a FOB, aim for the unlock button on the FOB if it’s visible in the vehicle.

 Step 4: Pulling all the tools before opening the door

This step is essential and often overlooked. The wedge separating the door frame and extracting tool puts much pressure on the door’s locking mechanism. If you open the door before you release the tension, the locking mechanism can break. Fixing it will cost you so much that a better option would be to call a locksmith. So pull the reach tool out of the car, as well as the wedge.