Home Business A comprehensive guide to the GBI student certification and GBI assessment program

A comprehensive guide to the GBI student certification and GBI assessment program


If you want to make your contribution towards building a better tomorrow and that too while doing something substantial in your career path then you must choose the GBI student certification program. The GBI student certification program is intended for professionals who want to make the world a better place by designing and developing environmentally friendly buildings.

Completing the GBI student certification program will make you a certified green globes emerging professional. Then there are different titles such as Green globes assessor, Guiding principles compliance professional, and Green globes fellow. These titles are as per the specifications you would be choosing in your GBI student certification program. As a green globes professional you would be undertaking several projects to support the growth of energy-efficient green buildings. You would also be spreading awareness about the best practices to follow in a green building. 

The GBI student certification program is designed for students from any sustainable field such as engineering, design, or construction management. Students having a degree equivalent to these streams can also enroll in the course. The course will introduce the students to the importance of green buildings and why is it important for buildings to be energy efficient. 

The GBI student certification program is an excellent course to get familiar with the topics and terminology related to the green building certification processes. You would also be reviewing as well as conducting building assessments for green building certifications. 

Here is an overview of the GBI assessment process. You will be studying the assessment process in detail and the related regulations in the GBI student certification program.

STEP 1 Application and registration

For a building to be certified as a green building the building owners or the manager have to fill out the application form. The application form consists of contact details,  project information, and other supporting documents.The applicants will have to provide accurate information or the form might get rejected and then you will have to start over again. You will also have to pay a registration fee along with the form. The registration fee would be decided by the size of the project. Upon successful registration, you would be given a GBI registration number. You will also be required to sign an agreement stating the GBI terms and conditions. After you have received the GBI registration number and signed the agreement your project will be assessed by a GBI certifier. 

STEP 2 Design assessment

When the design of your project is ready and you feel that you have covered all the aspects of the assessment you can submit the project for the design assessment. You can take help from the GBI-appointed certifier or you may directly submit the design. You must keep in mind that when you are submitting the design for assessment every criterion has been successfully fulfilled and the construction of the project has not yet started. You may also be required to present your design to a panel of GBI certifiers explaining the specifications of your project. Upon successful presentation, the panel of GBI certifiers will finish their assessment report and register your project to award the certification. You will be handed down a provisional design certification from the GBI certifiers. 

STEP 3 Completion and verification assessment 

After the project has been completed the applicant is required to apply for completion and verification assessment. The assessors will match the final completed project with the proposed blueprint in your presentation. You should apply for the verification process within 12 months of completion or when the building is 50% occupied. 

GBI is a great initiative to ensure minimal energy consumption. This will reduce the industrial stress on natural resources and help us develop substantially. Click here if you are interested in the GBI student certification program.