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A detailed outlook of Etrix MLM Clone App Development


Multi-level marketing programs and schemes have attracted a lot of investors in recent times. Huge returns can be earned in a short time. This trend has caught up with the booming cryptocurrency industry too. 

The Etrix MLM platform runs efficiently on the robust Ethereum blockchain network. Users can earn a  whopping amount of 806 ETH ($14,68,588) in just 90 days. The Etrix clone script is a ready-made and customized MLM platform where matrix schemes can be easily executed. 

It has a strong operational capacity for handling activities of up to 10 million users at a time. The solution is also cross-platform compatible as it works glitch-free on various devices and operating systems. 

The significant features of the Etrix MLM clone app are

    • Decentralized crowdfunding campaigns – can be smoothly executed on the Etrix MLM platform. There is no control by any centralized authority. 
    • Greater trust is ensured – as there is no possibility of hacking, scamming, and phishing attacks on the platform. 
    • Is integrated with well-known digital wallets – like MetaMask and Trust wallet for the safe storage of the crypto holdings of investors. MetaMask can be utilized by desktop/laptop users, and Trust wallet can be utilized by smartphone users. 
    • Contains three unique matrix schemes – Forced, Team, and Hybrid matrix. Each matrix plan has its own style of functioning with different terms and conditions for making referrals and earning income. 
    • Instant peer-to-peer execution of transactions – for transferring the commission and bonuses to the users directly to their respective Ethereum wallets.
  • Immutability – All the data of members like their transactions and positions in different matrix schemes are stored safely on the decentralized smart contract of the Etrix MLM. It is resistant to any sort of manipulation or change.
  • A high level of transparency – is assured by the distributed ledger that records each transaction executed by the users and all the payouts of commission and bonuses made by the admin to the members of the Etrix MLM clone.
  • No waiting time – There are no delays in sending commission and bonuses to the users on the Etrix clone. They need not submit any payment requests beforehand. 
  • Provision of 24×7 technical support – All issues and disputes are sorted out promptly as technical support is available round-the-clock in many languages.

The detailed procedure to utilize the Etrix Clone Script 

  • Users have to create an account on the Etrix MLM platform.
  • Pay the registration charge of 0.08 ETH ($146.63) that is immediately sent to their upline members. 
  • Log in to the Etrix clone script by entering their Ethereum wallet number. There is no secret key or password.
  • Once two new members have been referred to the Etrix platform by the existing users, the money is credited to their Ethereum digital wallet.
  • This will help in unlocking the second level of the matrix (Team Matrix) from the first level (Forced Matrix).
  • The current users of the Etrix MLM clone – will double their earrings over a period. 
  • The total duration is for 90 days – A minimum of 90 days of activity is required on each level. Flexibility is rendered for the members of the Etrix MLM in extending the period of any level. 

How do the three different matrix schemes function in the Etrix MLM Clone?

Forced Matrix 

  • It operates based on a binary tree structure.
  • The users have to pay the initial registration fee of 0.08 ETH.
  • Two new referrals have to be made by the existing users to start receiving the commission. 
  • All new users referred by the current users will be placed in the slot that is available next to their position and not below them in the binary tree.

Team Matrix

  • The first-level commission is credited to the users directly to their digital wallets when they join the team matrix after upgrading from the forced matrix.
  • All new referrals made will be placed in the existing user’s team only. 
  • Members can reach the next level of the Etrix MLM platform by closely monitoring the levels of each member in their downline. 
  • Existing users will not receive any commission in case their downline is upgraded to the next level before them.

Hybrid Matrix

  • The commission structure is very different in the Hybrid matrix in contrast to the team matrix. 
  • The first-level commission is credited to the users when there is a successful referral of a person placed under them in the MLM structure. 
  • The amount of commission is increased with each successive referral. 
  • The users’ level keeps rising depending on the total number of successful referrals made on the Etrix MLM clone app. 

Final Thoughts

The massive growth of the Etrix MLM platform shows that Cryptocurrency-based MLM schemes have a positive future ahead. More credibility can be established if governments across the world legally recognize these crypto-based MLM platforms and pass progressive regulations for investors. 

More returns can be easily earned by users depending on their participation on the Etrix MLM network. Businesses looking to make it big in the Cryptocurrency space can get the Etrix clone script as there are numerous sources of revenue leading to higher growth opportunities.