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A Global Tyre with Local Access

Kumho Tyres

We know you take your on-road safety seriously. Don’t you? Safety comes, first and foremost, with tyres. It is they who carry you around safely. It is they who take the entire load of the vehicle.

And it is they who give you a bumpy ride if they are not in good health.

Look For Troubling Signs:

  • See if their tread is wearing out unevenly.
  • See if their sidewalls are losing resilience and strength. Or, they are thinning.
  • See if their bead is unable to hold fast to the rim of the wheel.
  • See if they are well past their mileage warranty.
  • See if they are losing grip on the road.
  • See if they are ageing even before reaching their mileage warranty.

All these are troubling signs. The tyres are not in good health. Their condition is no longer roadworthy.

  • As a responsible owner, you look after them well.
  • You regularly maintain air pressure at the recommended level.
  • You inspect them for signs of wear and tear.
  • You promptly get repair the hole punched in by a nail.
  • You also regularly check the tread for thinning or uneven wear signs.

Yet a day comes when you have to retire them.

Find A Suitable Replacement For Them.

But tyres don’t come cheap. Also, they come in a wide range of brands, types and sizes, in different designs and makes. This is because they serve a variety of purposes.

There are winter tyres specially designed to withstand extreme cold and negotiate snow and ice. There are summer tyres to deal with hot and dry weather conditions. Finally, all-season tyres are designed to perform in all weather conditions, warm, cold and wet.

Choose a Brand Carefully:

But before buying a tyre, it is always better for you to know what to look for in a tyre. First, check the brand you’re going to buy for these parameters: type and sizemileage warrantytread depthsidewall heightload rating and speed rating. You can have all this basic info by just visiting their website. Further, there are independent reviews of all tyre brands. They can also be handy when you weigh your options.

Kumho Tyres a Good Choice?

Maybe you’re tired of your old brand of tyres. Their maintenance is not easy on your pocket. So is their replacement. Why not try out an international brand which is a lot cheaper but offers the same quality? You can buy them in a small town like Milnathort in Scotland. We are talking of Kumho Tyres Milnathort.

Beginning in 1960, the Korean company has a presence in 180 countries today. It produces 68 million tyres a year. They can be seen rolling passenger cars, vans, trucks, AutoGP racing cars, fighter jets and civil aircraft. Kumho Tyres have a pan-England presence since 1977. This long presence in the country is enough to inspire confidence. In other words, they are a good choice.

Milnathort has typical weather. Here the temperature hovers around 6 degrees in winter to 19 degrees Celsius in summer. It rains on average 9–11 days every month in both seasons.

Kumho Tyres have tyres designed especially both for winter and summer. They also sell all-season tyres, which negotiate all weather conditions quite well.

Keeping in mind the weather conditions prevailing in Milnathort, you can go for their summer tyres. They perform very well in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius.

But it is better to seek expert advice. An old garage in your neighbourhood can furnish you with this valuable advice. Just type some keywords like Kumho Tyres Milnathort.