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A Guide for Restaurant Chair Selection

Restaurant chair

You’re hungry and you decide to go to a restaurant. You walk in and they have these funky little metal chairs that look like they’ve come out of a camping trip with minimalists. Doesn’t this decor give you a casual cafe vibe? Now imagine that you went to a different restaurant- one that has tall and gorgeous chairs covered with velvet. Wouldn’t it feel like the staff is treating royalty?

Neither of these scenarios has anything to do with food- and yet they reflect the vibe and prestige of the place.

Dining is an experience that engulfs all of your senses. You don’t just taste the food- you see it and smell it, you take the ambiance in and you hear people chattering away happily. The texture of the food, the gravy, and the colour- are all imperative for you to have a complete dining experience. But you know what else truly affects your customers’ opinion about you? The way that your tiny little heaven looks. And chairs are a big part of the decor.

Restaurant chairs are made to stand out while still being economical and durable. They are made from different materials and help highlight the vibe of the place as well. Before you invest a good sum in furniture and chairs you have to decide the theme, look and feel of the place. This will make decorating the restaurant much easier. Next, you need to decide your budget with respect to the number of chairs you might need. To do this, take into account the total area of your restaurant and the basic amount of space anyone would need. You can then proceed to finalize the restaurant chair design.

Different designs have different connotations and vibes. And they can all have a drastic impact of the feel of the restaurant. There are various types of plastic chairs available in the market. The basic chair makes it seem as though you didn’t put in much effort. But some more intricate designs make it feel effortlessly casual. 

Metal chairs

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Metal Chair, on the other hand, can give the restaurant a clean, chic feel. If paired well with matching tables and decor, you’ve got a little Parisian cafe outside of France. They are durable and stylish. They come in various designs- some chairs have a metal body and seat while others have a metal body and a cushioned bottom. These chairs are extremely stylish and comfortable. They’ll let your customers sink in and enjoy the delicious food. 

Wooden Chairs

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Wooden Chair will give your restaurant a classic look. Wood is a natural resource- it works best with a simple and easy design and charming countryside cottage decor. Wood is a durable material with intricate patterns embedded in it. It has a smooth look and feel and is versatile is- it can work with any colour, background, and decor item. It is also a highly sustainable material. Wooden restaurant chairs can give the place a rusty feel and can make one feel closer to nature. 

Fabric Chairs

Fabric and upholstered chairs are, however, the best option if you want to give your little eatery a royal appearance. Some of the most prestigious institutions have fancy leather or velvet-laden chairs that are fit for kings and queens. Fabric chairs are durable and can be cleaned easily. 

You can also invest in decorative seats and thematic chairs. For example- for a Game of Thrones-themed restaurant, you can have a chair made like the Iron Throne and use it to attract customers. 

This essentially means that you can use certain chairs as central decor pieces. Apart from deciding things on the basis of the theme and look- you can work with the things in context to location. If your restaurant is near or on a beach- high-quality plastic chairs might just be your best bet. Plastic doesn’t get affected by water and moisture but wood and fabric could, over time, get damaged. 

Good decor can give your restaurant a push, especially in the beginning. Not just the food, but the tables, chairs, and the interior can often become a statement of image and class. With this guide, you can decide exactly what works for you. You can now buy restaurant chairs online as well.