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A Guide to Ironman Training Plans; How to Achieve the Best Out of It

Ironman Training Plans

Are you a new athlete, looking to polish capabilities and trained to become an expert? Well, you definitely need to look into Ironman training plans which help you achieve the best of your athletic skill set. However before you sign up for an Ironman training plan you need to understand the fact that it is quite different from many other training programs out there. It will push you out of your comfort zone and make you trained in a very professional manner. If you are serious about your athletic career then Ironman training plans are definitely the best bet for you.

There are two types to this plan; a complete Ironman training plan that is for around 12 months or you can choose the half Ironman training plans too. It really comes down to one’s personal preference. But before you make a pack we are going to unveil the basics of Ironman training plans for all of you. In this article we will be addressing the basic queries like how much time is required to train for Ironman plants and what equipment you will need.

Let’s dig in.

Time Period Required for Training

Stay put because you need a lot of time for training. You will have to make time from time slots that you probably never even thought of, in the first place. But there are some times where you can make space for your training easily.

Early Morning:

If you are not an early morning person; you need to practice this because you cannot get the best out of the ironman training plans without squeezing the morning time. Try waking up at 4am or even 5. People usually wake up after 6 am. When does your family get up? Take the time before that and make use of it. Start your day with training and it will not only boost your mental wellbeing but will help you stay on track with your training plan too.

Ironman Training Plans

Lunchtime Workout:

Now this is definitely your happy hour but if you want to gain the perfect ironman strength then you must work out during lunchtime. During this time, you would have had a good break from your morning spree and can now burn the calories you have consumed whilst training.

It is okay to miss the fun:

When you are talking about the time you have to spend training; you must consider A LOT as you will have to miss out on a lot of fun. Ironman training plans require high dedication and will only work if you are determined to win. Nothing will happen miraculously. Thus, take time out to get the most out of it.

Equipment Required for Ironman Training Plans

Whether you choose the full or half ironman training plans; you will need some good equipment to roll. Some of it is optional but we will mentioning the must-haves, right here:

  • Comfortable and high quality running shoes
  • Comfortable running gear
  • A road bike
  • Helmet

Now, as the above mentioned items are a must-have, you can invest in the following if you have the budget or if you find it important:

  • Hydration pack or a bottle
  • Clip in bike shoes
  • Mounted hydration pack system

The key element to buy anything is to make sure that it is comfortable for you because training requires long hours. If anything is uncomfortable, your training plan won’t be a good journey for you.

Don’t Train less than a Year

Half ironman training plans are certainly a good choice but they are usually better training sessions for experts or intermediate triathletes. However, if you are a beginner, choose a 12 month plan. Why? This is because your body requires time to adapt to the new routine and change. Training stresses your body and you need time to recover too. With a year or two of ironman training plans, you will be able to take your body steadily, from beginner to half ironman and then full. The aim is to grow stronger as an athlete and not just finish the program.


Ironman training plans are great for people who want to create a balance between their personal, career and training life. Being an athlete while having a job and a family is very tough. It certainly kills your time to train. But with the best Ironman Coaching and best ironman training plans, you are able to achieve a great training routine and achieve the best outcomes.