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A Helpful Comparison of HRM & SHRM for Your HR Assignment Answer!


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If you want to know more, here are the various differences between the HRM & SRM by hr assignment help experts that you must learn to answer your paper.

10 Comparison Bases of HRM & SRM for Your HR Assignment Answer!


  • The management that implies the governance of manpower of the organization thoroughly & well structurally is called Human resources management (HRM).
  • This process of hr has a reactive nature.
  • The responsibilities to handle manpower in the human resource management process lies within the staff specialists.
  • To managing people & labor in an organization, the HRM uses the fragmented approach, which demands to apply the management principles.
  • Human resource management focuses on employee relations, ensuring employee motivation, and also the firm conforms to the necessary employment laws.
  • Short-term business goals and outcomes are supported by Human resource management.
  • The HR manager pursues a transactional leadership style in the Human resource management process plays the role to change followers.
  • Capital and products are the primary elements in the HRM process.
  • An HRM is a cost center when we talk about accountability.
  • Strict control over employees is exercised in the HRM process.


  • The management that implies framing of HR strategies in such a way to direct employee’s efforts towards the goals of the organization is called Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • This process of hr has a proactive nature.
  • The managing task of the workforce is vested in the line managers in the SHRM process.
  • To involve lining up the business strategy with the company’s HR practices, SHRM follows an integrated approach.
  • SHRM emphasis a partnership with internal and external constituent groups.
  • The long-term goals and results of the business are supported by SHRM.
  • The human resource manager seeks transformational leadership being a change leader.
  • The primary elements in SHRM are the people and their knowledge.
  • SHRM is an investment center in accountability.
  • The rules for managing manpower are lenient in strategic human resource management.

Above are the various differences between HRM & SRM by the online assignment help experts that can support you to answer such questions. Hope, you find this article beneficial for your final document.