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A Look at Great Eastern Cutlery Knives


If you are a fan of classic pocket knives, then Great Eastern Cutlery Knives should be a brand on your radar. Great Eastern Cutlery is an American knife manufacturer dedicated to continuing the tradition of making gorgeous pocket knives in the classic slip joint style. Their focus on the process of knife making, combined with their dedication to using premium quality materials leads to heirloom quality knives that look amazing and work hard.

Great Eastern Cutlery Knives is a knife maker based out of Titusville, Pennsylvania. They manufacture a huge variety of knives from tiny folders to gorgeous fixed blade hunting knives, but they are definitely best known for their traditional pocket knives. A good old fashioned pocket knife can still offer a lot of utility in a lot of different settings. These knives are perfect for anyone in need of an everyday carry knife that has a little more personality than many of the modern options on the market.

Most of Great Eastern Cutlery’s designs are based on the classic slip joint knives that were a commonplace option for hundreds of years. They also produce some of them using liner-lock or lock-back mechanisms. Features like multiple small blades for different tasks, shaped handle scales, and metal bolsters are all indicative of this iconic style. From sheepsfoot knives that once might have been used to trim hooves to congress style knives with blades for quill sharpening, well crafted slip joint knives were once a part of almost every profession.

Part of making these types of knives involves using reliable materials. Almost all Great Eastern Cutlery knives are made with 1095 carbon steel blades. This classic steel option is a favorite among knife enthusiasts for a good reason, it is easy to sharpen and hold an edge well for reliable long term use. Along with quality steel, these knives are also made with a variety of different handle scale materials. From traditional options like wood, antler, and bone to modern synthetic handle scales made from micarta, every handle is expertly crafted to fit these knives perfectly.

In addition to focusing on materials, the team at Great Eastern Cutlery are also dedicated to the knife making process. They have combined both traditional knife making techniques with modern technology in order to create a unique process with over 200 unique steps between the raw materials and the finished product. This kind of attention to every detail in the process is part of what makes their knives so impressive.

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