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A mixture of Taste and Health Comes in Packets!

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Nowadays, people are super busy with their lives amidst the forest of concrete and their four walls of office buildings. We usually spend less time at home and more outside, running the rat race of success. However, amidst the busy schedule, we often forget to take care of our health. It is one of the most neglected areas in our daily lives. However, the proverb “when health is lost, everything is lost” holds most people nowadays.

Health Begins with a Nutritious Breakfast

A beginning of a healthy self begins with the initiation of a healthy morning. The morning cannot be complete without a bowl of nutrient-rich breakfast. This bowl is full of vitamins and minerals enriched with cereals and other seeds.

Granola Can be a Good Alternative

Most people rely on cereals as a healthy breakfast alternative. Instead of having an unhealthy, spicy Indian breakfast, India is shifting towards good health. Good health begins with a bowl filled with the nutrients of oats, dry fruits, berries, and many more. This mixture of granola can be healthy and exciting simultaneously.

There are fewer companies in India that dedicatedly serve the bowl of nutrients to every Indian. Munchilicious brings in the goodness of the dry fruits, nuts, and cereals in a single bowl of breakfast. The granola can serve as a complete and nutritious food package for many health-conscious people.

What is a Granola Mix?

A granola mix is an amalgamation or a healthy combination of dry roasted oats, nuts, dry fruits, berries, and more. There may be some added punch of flavors like dark chocolates, honey, and more. A pack of granola may also contain nutrients from the seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and many more.

You can much on a pack of almond and raisin grain granola, or you may also pair it up with some seasonal fruits like apple, mangoes, and more. The berries and nuts in the mixture enhance the taste. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. It is a wholesome mixture of nutrient-rich ingredients that will leave no stone unturned for your healthy version.

Added Features of the Granola Mixture

Free from Preservatives– Nowadays, people are opting for organic food and, the foundation to organic food is the preservative-free nature of the granola mixture. Usually, the granola mixture does not have toxic chemicals, making it one of the healthy options.

Gluten and Sugar-Free– Gluten is notorious for promoting diabetes, high blood pressure, and other issues. While most foods contain gluten as one of the chief components, the granola mixture is gluten-free gluten. It is a healthy way to keep away diabetes, blood pressure, and other diseases away from you.

The Essential Nutrients- There are several essential nutrients in the granola that makes it a wholesome power-packed meal. It is rich in essential amino acids and also vitamins and minerals. The granola mixture also has rich fiber reserves that make it a healthy breakfast option.

Cost-Effective Option- A granola mixture is a cost-effective option if you opt for a healthy breakfast supplement. People often invest in many inexpensive diet ingredients. However, when there is a granola mix, you can avoid buying those expensive diet materials and still have a healthy and fit body.

Light Roast Makes Them More Healthy- The light roast of the granola components helps keep intact the fibers and nutrients in it. It is unlike those snacks and cereals deeply fried that degrades the essential nutrients in the granola mixture. It is better to opt for some non-fried food material for a healthy breakfast beginning.

How To Make Dishes Healthy with Granola?

Granola Mixture with Dried Fruits– The granola mix can come with a twist of various ingredients. The mixture of granola might come with a punch of dry fruits in it. The infusion of dry fruits in the granola mixture makes it healthy and tasty. The granola may have some dried raspberries and blackberries inside it. It may also have some pieces of strawberries in it. The nutrition of berries may surprise you with some pistachios, cashews, almonds, and walnuts. The wholesome nutrients of these ingredients make the granola a unique blend of health with taste.

Granola with Chocolate- Not all of us are in favor of having healthy foods. However, to maintain our health we all are shifting towards better alternatives. However, people need to have a relish their taste buds while having these healthy foods. One of the ways is to incorporate some exciting flavors into it. Chocolate is something that we all crave. Having the flavor of dark chocolate with some parts of it in the granola mix. Besides adding a special sweetness to the granola mix, you can have the added benefits of cardiovascular health of the dark chocolates too.

Cranberry Granola Cookies– If you are not in the mood of having the granola mix as a breakfast cereal, you may have it as a side dish also. The granola mix can have another delicious form of a cookie infused with some almonds, raisins, cranberries, and many more dry fruits. These cookies can become one of your best snack-time friends having numerous health benefits.

Taste it Original– You can always enjoy the healthy taste of the granola mix loaded with several other nutritious elements like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and many more.

Some Dessert Like Truffles– To date, we remain eager of having some chocolate truffle as a part of our dessert. Loaded with the taste of chocolate along with the spongy cake, these truffles form a major quencher for those having a massive sweet tooth. However, you can have truffles and remain healthy too. If the truffles comprise the fiber-rich nuts granola it would be more than just a dessert. It will be a healthy dessert, where you won’t gain weight or have to suffer from health issues.

Munching on some healthy snacks and cereals will keep you healthy and also future-ready. It will help keep away the tension of deadly diseases like diabetes and even some types of cancer. The natural fibers and essential nutrients in granola can go a long way in keeping you healthy.