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A Quick Guide to Hiring C# Programmers

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With more and more organizations switching to cloud, programmers are becoming an essential part of any organization. If you’ve got a lean team, though, and you aren’t quite ready—or your funds aren’t quite there yet—to get an in-house programmer, then work with a freelancer for now. Wondering how to find the right pros to take on the job for you, though? We admit it’s never easy. There’s so much that could go wrong if you end up choosing a bad hire—compromised morale, poor use of company resources, lower productivity and a whole lot more. You can prevent all these with ease when you use care and caution in the hiring process. This quick guide should help.

Understand the Basics

Before you start checking out candidates for C# programmers, be clear about the applications that C# programming is used for: web applications, web services as well as web API, and then native iOS as well as Android mobile apps. It’s also used for backend services and video games. By knowing the applications it’s used for, you now have a better understanding of what C# programming can do and why it’s essential to your own operations.

Look for Proficiency

When you hire programmers for the job, make sure you go with candidates who demonstrate high levels of proficiency in using the program. A strong understanding of the software and high proficiency in the programming language aren’t the same. But one informs the other. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the program will have an easier time fulfilling the requirements of your project. These candidates are in the best position to make the most that C# can do for you.

Knows .Net and Mono Framework

Before you choose any of the names on your shortlist, ask if they’re familiar with .NET and the Mono frameworks. These are essential in developing applications. If they’re not at all familiar with them or having a hard time using these frameworks, that could be a potential problem down the road. Consider the requirements of your projects—the current one you’re hiring for and the ones that are on the pipeline. If you need someone with skills to use these frameworks, you’ll have to keep looking.

Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming or OOP is one of the key features of C# programming. Your developer must have a good understanding of this. If your developer doesn’t have a solid understanding of objects and code, then that won’t do. You won’t be able to maximize their help with your projects. It’s best to take them off your list and look for candidates with the skills you need.

Knowledge of Architectural Patterns

A skilled developed must also hold considerable knowledge in design as well as architectural patterns. Insight into patterns that are associated with code-level commonalities is also a definite must-have. When you look for programmers to join your team, anyone who demonstrates these skills are certain to move up the top of your list. Be sure to note this down.

Experience with Web Application Frameworks

Are the programmers well versed in the use of software frameworks? These are typically designed to provide support for developing web applications. A developer who is familiar with these frameworks and applications will know what to use to come up with your application. With a reliable and experienced C# developer, you and your team can look forward to developing and maintaining as well as troubleshooting your app. If you’ve had that idea for months and you’re only putting together a team to make that happen, then do your best to get the right people for your project.

Cost and Budget

How much does the programmer charge? Consider your budget, too. If the price is too steep, look at other channels and hiring platforms. Guru.com is one of the many marketplaces where you can find freelancers who provide services for hire. You’re sure to find a freelancer whose rate works with your budget but who demonstrates the talent and skill you need in a programmer.

Freelancer or Agency?

You can also choose between hiring a freelancer or agency. Agencies often have big teams, and so have the wherewithal to provide a range of services. If that’s the kind of assistance you need, then direct your attention to agencies on the platform. However, if the scope of the project is small, it might be better to go with a freelancer, who also tends to be much more flexible and can truly focus on your project.

Personality Fit

Is the programmer a culture fit? Corporate culture is an important part of the work environment. It impacts employee retention. In a time when you need your team to perform at their optimum best, hiring a programmer who is right at home with everyone else can boost morale and helps maintain positive energies and good vibes at work is ideal.