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A Quick Way to Fix SQL Database in Recovery Mode


Being a database administrator, you might have faced several issues in the SQL Server database. One such issue is the Database stuck in Recovery mode, this means that the database performs a recovery process and it will automatically come in the online state when the process gets complete. But sometimes you may face that the recovery process is going very slow and the database is stuck in recovery mode. Due to this, the user can’t perform read/write operation until the SQL server database come in the Online state.

Therefore, in this write up, we are going to explain a step by step procedure on how to fix SQL Database in Recovery mode using the best solution. Before going to resolving workaround let us understand the possible reasons behind Database Stuck in Recovery mode.

Primary Reasons Why SQL Server Database Is In Recovery State

  1. While Restarting the MS SQL Server.
  2. When the Database is Set as Offline and Online.
  3. While restoring the database from backup.
  4. If in case the transaction log file size is huge.

How to Fix SQL Database in Recovery Mode?

Taking the help of an expert solution is the best and quick approach to resolve the SQL Server database stuck in restoring mode. You can use the SQL Database Recovery software to resolve such issues quickly or without data loss problem. This is a marvelous tool that helps the user to recover & repair SQL database in just a few simple clicks. With this software, users can also recover the damaged, corrupt, and inaccessible database files (.mdf and .ndf) of MS SQL Server. In addition to this, you can also restore the SQL database objects such as tables, triggers, stored procedures, functions, views, indexes, etc.

Moreover, this application has a simple and self-explanatory graphical user interface so that every user can use it without any hurdle.

Let us understand the working of the tool

Step 1.  Download, install, and run the Emaildoctor SQL Recovery tool in your system and click on the Open to load the SQL database file (.mdf file) in order to fix SQL Database in Recovery Mode.

Launch toolStep2. Choose a Scan option as per the level of corruption and then select the SQL Server version of the .mdf file either manually or automatically. Users can also check the box related to the Recover Deleted Objects option if you want to recover deleted database items and then press the OK button.

Scan optionStep 3. Now, preview all the database items and click on the Export button to export the data into the live SQL Server database.

Preview databaseStep 4. Here, fill all the export details carefully and choose the desired database items from the Export Window and then press the Export button.

Click ExportFinal Words:

In this article, we have discussed the problem of how to Fix SQL Database in Recovery Mode or how to bring the database online from a recovery state. We have also discussed the various possible reasons for this issue. To resolve this problem users can try the recommended software solution. This program has the potential to fix all the SQL database issues without any hassle.