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A Simple Guide to Interactive Video


Interactive video is a new form of media many top brands are using to engage consumers and reach their digital marketing goals. Interactive video is different from traditional videos in that it allows the viewer to control what they see on screen, which makes it much more engaging than standard video content. Interactive video also has the ability to combine visuals with sound, animation, or text – making for an even more immersive experience for viewers when compared with traditional videos. This article will go over what interactive video is and how you can use this medium to achieve your own marketing goals!

How Interactive Video Works Interactive video is a relatively new form of media. The key feature that differentiates it from traditional videos is the ability for viewers to control their viewing experience by making choices in real time via an available options menu, and then receiving feedback based on those choices. This makes interactive video much more engaging than standard videos; 70% of marketers say interactive videos engage audiences well or very well, and 68% believe it will continue to become a more important component of modern marketing mixes.

Interactive videos are able to be created using Interactive Video Player. This tool allows content creators of all types (marketers, brands, video producers) to create interactive video experiences that can then be published on their own websites or social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. Interactive Video Player works with existing formats such as HLS live streams and MPEG DASH live streaming; it also supports publishing options for standard HTML based web pages via an IFrame embed code. Interactive videos can also be created for live events. Interactive Video Player is a powerful tool that allows you to create truly interactive video experiences with ease – no specialized programming skills required!

How Interactive Video Can Help You Interactive video has been proven to engage audiences more than traditional media, and it’s only going to become an even more important form of marketing content in the future. This makes it a great option if you want your internet marketing strategy to stand out from the competition; using this new medium will help bring viewers back again and again while establishing your brand as innovative and ahead of the curve. Interactive videos are especially useful when trying to reach younger demographics that have grown up surrounded by technology like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.