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A Wonderful Stay at Varu By Atmosphere


People from all over the world come to Maldives to escape from their busy lives. The white sand and turquoise water of Maldives offer an escape like no other. It is a place to forget all your worries and to take a break to breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the calm and beautiful ocean around you as you stay in the luxurious Varu by Atmosphere, Maldives. This wonderful resort offers splendid private rooms, shaped like huts, that are no less than a mansion, so you have all the privacy you need while being at your most comfortable. 


While you can never go wrong with resorts in Maldives, Varu by Atmosphere really lets you enjoy the sea like no other. Take a break from your fast lives and immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of this place. Book an all inclusive package and enjoy unlimited cocktails, as you bathe under the sun in your private swimming pool, which is right above the ocean. Maldives is a place of luxury and staying at this fantastic resort will add only more fun to your already lively trip. 

Five ways Varu by Atmosphere, makes your trip to Maldives an unforgettable experience.

  • Luxury at its finest

Varu by Atmosphere, Maldives is known all over the world for the big spacious mansion-like, private rooms that are set on top of the calm crystal waters of the sea and your hotel room does not get better than this.  It is as private as it gets and on a vacation, privacy is all we want to relax and recharge. The hospitality and service is much greater than whatever you expect. The courteous staff makes sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. And the view obviously does not get any better. 

  • The Best Breakfast

Mornings can not get any better than they are in this Varu by Atmosphere. Breakfast is an important meal and this resort makes sure you enjoy your hearty breakfast. A picture perfect ocean sits perfectly still as you eat the most important meal of the day, looking at the most gorgeous view. Or you can swim in the ocean and enjoy your breakfast as it is floating right next to you. Trust us, your morning can not get any better than this.

  • Sweet Spots for those Perfect Vacation Pics

If you are on a vacation at a place as magnificent as Maldives, you do not just stay there for sometime and then carry on with your lives. We need the awesome instagram pictures that will make all your friends jealous. Varu by Atmosphere has the most scenic places to serve as the perfect background for your model poses. In your room or out in the sea, the opportunities to click the perfect photos are endless and it only keeps on getting better and better. Enjoy the crystal waters as you take hundreds of photos to keep posting on your instagram.

  • Twilight is When the Magic Happens

When the sun is below the horizon and its soft light spreads throughout the sky, the world glows like no other time of the day. Twilight, truly, is a magical time, no matter where you are. But it gets even better in Maldives. Where the beautiful blue sea changes color and treats you with a splendid view. After you have clicked various selfies at the golden hour, sit back and enjoy the beauty of this place, as you watch the sun going down and as the sky keeps on changing colors. And when it finally stops on black, it would be glittering with thousands of stars.

  • Be a Part of the Ocean

People travel to Maldives to enjoy the sea and the calmness of this place. And at Varu by Atmosphere, you truly get to be a part of the ocean like no other. Imagine waking up in the morning and opening your door to the crystal water of the sea. You do not have to go to a beach to enjoy the ocean, once a day. It is a part of your room and it will stay with you the entire trip. The privacy of the resort really makes you feel like you are the only people there, in the best way possible. Varu by Atmosphere is the perfect getaway.