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The Importance of Air Conditioner in Odisha:-

We feel the summer season very much painful, isn’t it?? However, we people in Odisha, especially in Bhubaneswar experience hot weather throughout the year. With such a large population our capital city, Bhubaneswar, also faces a lot of pollution and the rise numbers of vehicles, work as a catalyst to make the warm climate even worse.¬†Following that, we’ll talk about our steel city: Rourkela, which experiences high temperatures for the majority of the year.

This is not luxury anymore rather a need for the present time.

A good air conditioning place improves your work performance as you sweat and tired less than hot and uncomfortable places and it also gives protection from heat-strokes.

So a well-working air conditioner is a basic necessity nowadays to give you and your family a better sleep.

About Us ( SmartBro ):-

  • Consider the following scenario: you return home after a hard workout in the gym, a frustrating day at work or night to sleep comfortably in the summer while attempting to switch on the A/C that isn’t working; you consider the day to be one of the worst days of your life!!! Then you call the local technicians, who charge a lot of money and never arrive on time, there comes SmartBro, Odisha’s first home service provider app which connects you to the experts with good years of experience in this field.
  • Now you can take a cool-relief as the best AC service in Bhubaneswar is ready to serve you.
  • If you need an AC installation or repair service for your office or home, simply download SmartBro and call us for the best in class A/C service experience in a quick time.
  • Our philosophy is to serve our own Odisha people with the best home services but at an affordable price, so we are committed to Customer Satisfaction with our dedicated team of experts.
  • Our professionals not only install the new A/C at the correct height and place also guide you properly for better use of it.

When You Think, You Need an A/C Service:

  • When you purchase a new air conditioner and want to install it.
  • In general, you can Check-Up your Window or Split A/C twice a year to ensure that it works efficiently.
  • When you turn on the air conditioner for a long time but it doesn’t cool the place.
  • When you notice the water has leaked from the clogged pipe, it requires a repair.
  • When you heard a strange sound from A/C or a stinky smell coming from A/C then it is time to call the A/C doctor for a complete A/C health check-up.

Our A/C Services:-

  1. Window A/C Installation or Uninstallation
  2. Split A/C Installation or Uninstallation
  3. Window A/C Check-Up and repair
  4. Split A/C Check-Up and repair
  5. Cleaning Filter and coil
  6. Gas Filling

So when you want to search ac service near meor ac installation near me in Bhubaneswar or Rourkela, SmartBro is the best option for you to provide top-notch services.