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access control for the business sector

access control System for the business sector

access control System for the business sector

The Canadian company expert in the electronic access control System market for the security industry, RBH Access, this year presents its latest solutions for the international market, which seek to expand the capabilities and performance of the products, in addition to generating savings of installation costs in current and future projects of the business sector.

“For this year we come with more robust solutions that allow us to expand, integrate and provide better management of access control and alarm systems, the new developments are focused on the business sector, covering the market from SMEs to large companies, with solid, stable and efficient products”, says Ludi Bower, Executive Vice President.

A practical and functional access controller

One of the new products presented this year has been the UNC100 controller, which has already had a great reception in the market, thanks to the improvement provided by new technologies, today the UNC100 is a completely IP-based controller (it does not require IP conversion to RS485) which allows it to be very fast and at the same time make the complete system very expandable, it is compatible with the latest Integra32 security management software in addition to previous software versions and also with other old controllers.

A great advantage of the UNC100 is that it has direct PoE backup, making it a product that guarantees service thanks to the fact that the battery is directly connected to the controller and while it is working, the battery is being charged through PoE, this being a point very important because it provides security to the owner, that the system is always working.

RBH Access is launching for the UNC100 and I / O card that consumes very little power, and is powered from the RS485 bus. Up to 3 input / output cards can be connected to a single UNC100, and each card can be configured with 4 inputs and 4 outputs or 8 inputs and 2 outputs. The additional inputs can be very useful for monitoring temperature sensors for example, among other functions. “The combination of the UNC100 with the I / O card, I think it gives a lot of flexibility especially to small installations so that they can grow step by step in the future. Without the expansion card you can control two doors, but if you want to work on any other point, you only have to add a card that has a very low cost and you already have a solution with a higher capacity”,

The alarm system and access control are unified in a single product

Another of the RBH Access launches is the Safe suite, a product that was originally designed for the vertical of condominiums or residential units, today marks the beginning of a new area in the design and deployment of security, due to the added functionality of an intrusion alarm panel, which translates into a solution that controls access and intrusion at the enterprise level, both functions integrated in a controller with an integrated Mifare reader and powered with PoE, with expansion up to 256 entry zones and 8 partitions, currently it is positioned as a practically unique alarm system in the market.

Safe suite can operate standalone or connected to AxiomV software. Its design protects the equipment from dust and external materials, making it easier to clean.

Currently the Safe suite can be implemented in areas such as large universities that have many classrooms or companies with multiple headquarters such as telecommunications companies, because the solution is very robust and is designed from the access control that includes intrusion alarm, which does not mean make it a simple door control and make a difference in the market.

Expansion plans

In the future RBH Access plans to invest more in Latin America, recently this plan began in Mexico where Alberto Peniche was already hired as the new country manager, in the coming months they plan to reach other countries such as Chile, Argentina and Peru, from the southern cone where the organization does not have physical personnel, likewise the objective of increasing training this year will make it possible to make the programs available to professionals in advance to obtain greater participation.

Biometric data theft protection

Major news sources reported that 21.5 million people were affected by the security breach of US government systems Unfortunately, even the best defense against security risks is imperfect. and incidents are unavoidable.

It is useless to secure biometric data for identity thieves  

Biometrics is the only identity method that links endless digital and physical credentials to a person, playing a very important role in eliminating digital identity theft in the constant, complex and vulnerable digital environment.

It is important to understand that biometric characteristics are not secret. For example, our facial features are public. Considering the assumption that databases are inherently vulnerable to attack, the challenge is to minimize the negative impact on the security breach of individuals and organizations.

As always, the answer depends on the use case, and each application category must be examined individually and its related threats evaluated. Systems must be carefully designed and integrated to protect user identities.

Here is a strategy that goes beyond ensuring security and includes tactics to neutralize the effects of phishing.

Enhancements to execution detection

The most efficient approach to execution detection for fingerprint biometric data uses multi-spectral imaging technology. This virtually eliminates the possibility of forgery of fingerprints used for authentication. The technology is used to compare the complex optical characteristics of the presented material against known characteristics in living skin.

And is that today’s authentication technologies enable solutions that can improve security while replacing passwords and improve convenience, in such a way that it is not intrusive for the legitimate user.

More robust biometric templates

The use of a ‘super template’ that exclusively combines biometric data with other information, including an OTP (One Time Password 🙂 or other out-of-band data, enables the system to recognize and reject a biometric template created from a stolen fingerprint image. Templates can reside on a card, chip, or on a smartphone.

But it is important to remember that the chain of trust is only as strong as its weakest link. The biometric solution used in identity review must operate in conjunction with trusted devices at each point of verification.

Our next address

Making security more robust and reliable without adding complexity is difficult, but as our networks become more available and more vulnerable to attack, we simply must find a way to improve user comfort and trust.

By combining the universality and sophistication of biometrics with the things we like (such as personal devices, mobile phones, etc.) and the things we know (such as PINs or passwords) we have already taken an important step. The other is to depend on technologies and solutions from vendors that can effectively guarantee a high level of trust without increasing complexity for the user.