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mcafee.com/activate – How can I activate my McAfee Product key

Mcafee Product Key

McAfee is an antivirus software known for its commendable support and diagnosing work against all corrupted and malicious programs. The product is best known because of its features like endpoint security, threat intelligence network, and security information services. Not just the business sectors, but the company provides its services to other sectors as well like government, consumer, and education. 

Although the product provides lots of essential benefits, one has to log in to the Mcafee account for enabling the same. In this guide, we will learn the same and know the procedure of activating the McAfee product key. If you are just introduced to McAfee and don’t know much about it then make sure to move into the next section and learn its different features. 

Features of McAfee

Below are listed some of the best features that the software plays to work against the threatful activities. 

  • Fight against malware, virus, and online threats. 
  • With automation features, the tool resolved security issues. 
  • Provides different kinds of services and products. 
  • Repeatedly performs scanning and examines the system’s performance. 
  • Secures other different programs from viruses and dangers. 
  • Automatically deletes the virus when it is recognized. 
  • The updates get installed on their own. 

To avail of these benefits and key features, you must have a McAfee account. You can check out the next section that will help you in creating the same. 

Steps to Create My McAfee Account

Below are provided several steps that will help you in creating the McAfee account. Make sure to go through each step carefully if you want to take advantage of magnificent tools like Mcafee.

  • The first and foremost requires you to move towards the homepage of McAfee. 
  • Once done, just try to create an account with the software. 
  • Now, select the tab named Register Now. 
  • Make sure that you provide all the details required ahead. 
  • After that, hit the tab named I agree to provide your acceptance. 
  • Once done, you will get your account with McAfee.

Now, we have to activate the McAfee product key. Below are the steps that will help you in conducting the procedure. 

Steps to Activate McAfee Product Key

McAfee product key is provided with the software when you buy this antivirus. Well, just creating a McAfee account would not fit well. So, make sure to get into the steps below and learn further about how you can activate the McAfee product key. 

  • To initiate, move towards the website www mcafee com activate
  • You can check out the retail card for directly jumping on the same. 
  • Once done, choose your Country, Language, and Device type. Through this, you will create a perfect profile of yourself.  
  • After that, navigate towards the McAfee login account. 
  • You can use the McAfee account credentials (email and password) for doing so. 
  • Now, the user needs to provide the McAfee product key. 
  • If you purchase the McAfee product offline then check out the backside of the retail card and find out the product key there. 
  • After finding it, just enter the relevant keys and commence the downloading and installation procedure. 

Download and Install the McAfee

With this section, you can proceed ahead and proceed with downloading and install the McAfee product. 

  • Once done with the above instructions, tap the tab named Install on the PC. 
  • Now, move towards another tab named Agree and Download. 
  • You will see that the .exe file will commence downloading on its own. 
  • When the downloading procedure gets over, move towards the installation by accessing the file. 
  • Don’t forget to click on the Yes button thereafter. 
  • Tap the Install tab when the screen displays another window. 
  • The installation procedure will take some time, just wait there till it goes on.
  • Consequently, hit the Done tab when the file is installed properly. 

Now, you may want to activate the McAfee product key. Well, if this is the case then move ahead with the links provided below and learn how you can avail different products from these product keys. 

Avail Different Products From Mcafee Product Key

You can access various of your McAfee products from these 25 digits keys. Check out the list below to know where you can use the keys. 

  • McAfee Antivirus Plus – mcafee.com/mav/retailcard
  • McAfee Total Protection – mcafee.com/mtp/retailcard
  • McAfee LiveSafe – mcafee.com/mls/retailcard
  • McAfee Internet Security – mcafee.com/mis/retailcard

Steps to Renew McAfee Product 

Users having McAfee installed can again update the subscription plans with the steps provided below. 

  • Go to the mcafee.com/activate
  • Now, choose My Account.
  • Hit the option named Sign in. 
  • Thereafter, provide essential credentials for proceeding ahead. 
  • Again, move towards the My Account tab when the screen displays the McAfee login account. 
  • Choose the Subscriptions button now. 
  • Hit the Renew button for the specific service. 
  • The screen will ask you about the confirmation of the objects that you buy. 
  • You can get the records of the purchase by moving into the subscription page. 

So, this is all about the Mcafee antivirus and its product key. We hope that you like this guide and resolve all of your doubts and queries. Don’t hesitate to drop your concern below if there are any other queries related to the issue.