According to Focus2Move, the car sales in the USA market reported a 13% increase in the first quarter of this year, and reports have told that 1,510,000 units have been sold (+42%), leading the YTD (Year To Date) sales at 6,880,000 units, a 30.8% increase in sales as compared to 2020. The renowned marque Hyundai reported the largest growth in the rankings, rising 56.2% Year to Date sales.


In this blog, we will give you details about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car.


Advantages of Getting a Brand New Car:


A shiny brand new car isn’t just a good deal, but it can provide you with more advantages than you think, such as:




With a new vehicle, you get the great comfort features that ensure you have a trouble-free ride on long routes. The pleasurable level in a brand new car is the main reason why people purchase it, as they get the calmness of enjoying the drive with their family and friends.


Warranty and Assurance:


Buying a brand new vehicle is better as it gets rid of all the risks. A new car comes with an automaker’s warranty that provides damage protection. For instance, you won’t see a new car getting seized that often.


Repair Free:


Getting a brand new car is a better option because you won’t experience any inconvenience. You don’t have to bother about major repairs because every component is new, so they are not prone to need maintenance right away.


Good Mileage:


All the new cars offer better gasoline mileage. All the automakers make them economical and fuel-efficient in terms of MPG (miles-per-gallon). Even cars with more cylinders tend to consume less gas due to the new innovative engineering and advancement.


Options and Better Features:

Nowadays, automakers are giving an option to customize a car in a way that will reflect your personality. Preparing a car in a style that you like is the greatest feeling in the world. You can pick a variant that you like. A new car not only provides options for your car but also has new features that help in many ways.


Modern and improved features that are coming in new cars are one of the reasons why people are compelled to invest in them. Listed below are some of the features that are present in new cars:


> Map Navigation

> Lane Assist

> Hill Assist

> Back Camera

> 7-8 Airbags

> Parking Assist Camera

> Apple/Android Infotainment Screen



Disadvantages of Buying a New Car:


No matter how great it feels like owning a new brand car, but there are some disadvantages to it as well, and here are some of them:


Higher Price:


Purchasing a new car will set you back for a huge amount of bucks; with all the extras of having a car, its major disadvantage is its price. Many people don’t go for a new car because they can’t afford it, and purchasing a new car can break their bank.


Depreciating Value:


The value of a brand new car depreciates pretty quickly. You start to lose its value within one year of usage. The automakers roll out new facelift or refreshed models, so the older cars get their value depreciated in the market. Once your car’s odometer gets above 50k miles, it starts losing its value.


Expensive Parts:


You know if you go through an accident in your new car, it will cost you a lot. All the new parts that are OEM are expensive. All the new cars are equipped with OEM parts, so you can’t put a third-party part or an aftermarket part because it will void the warranty.




The paperwork, registration fees, and taxes cost a lot if you compare it to buying a used car. You will think before deciding on purchasing a new car.




All of the advantages and disadvantages are for you, so you can always go through a thought process before purchasing a brand new car. You can think about these factors before making your decision. If you’re looking out for a used car or thinking of selling scrap metal, feel free to contact us. Acres Cash For Cars will get in touch with you, and we will pick it up from your place.