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Advantages of Molded Pulp Packaging


# Unique overall performance blessings of Molded pulp manufacturers fiber products:

Molded fiber merchandise are environmentally pleasant and naturally degradable. The pulp molding merchandise buried in the soil can be absolutely naturally degraded inside three months beneath the motion of microorganisms, and do now not want centralized compost treatment. Molded fiber merchandise can be naturally degraded and recycled, which is an environment-friendly product.The molded pulp merchandise saved in the room can be positioned for lengthy intervals before use (usually for 10 years) except growing old and brittle or deterioration.Recycling value is low and can be reused.Pulp molded tableware merchandise have a sure strength, suitable texture, easy appearance; Molded pulp great packaging merchandise are extra refined appearance.

EAMC pulp molding desktop is versatile, The EAMC computerized pulp molding manufacturing line substitute mould can effortlessly exchange product types. EAMC full-automatic Molded pulp manufacturers tableware desktop and EAMC full-automatic pulp molding laptop for exceptional packaging merchandise are presently greater superior excessive yield and automated pulp molding equipment.

Molded fiber merchandise have excellent water-resistant and oil resistance properties. In the manufacture of pulp molding, the quantity of the components can produce waterproof, oil prevention effect. Good air permeability, which has special advantages to the packaging of clean products.Raw substances have a vast supply and a low cost. It is often an annual herb fiber uncooked pulp or with waste paper as uncooked materials, can be taken in accordance to nearby conditions, neighborhood materials, inexhaustible.The pulp manufacturing facility can use moist uncooked pulp (bleach or herbal pulp) for uncooked materials; different pulp molding manufacturing facility can use industrial pulp.Recycling fee is low and can be reused. Modern Molded pulp manufacturing technological know-how can reap high-speed, computerized mass production.