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Advantages of Solenoid Valves


Solenoid valves are described according with their mode of actuation, and number and direction of flow paths. This chapter discusses the former, namely direct-acting, internally piloted and externally piloted.

With this type of solenoid valve, the static pressure forces increase as the orifice size increases. The upsurge in static pressure requires a better solenoid action; thus, a more powerful magnetic field. This means for a given fluid pressure, larger flow rates require larger solenoids. The fluid pressure and flow rate then becomes directly proportional to the mandatory size of the solenoid. This sort of solenoid valve is usually used for applications with small flow rates and operating pressures.

Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve Manufacturers

Internally Piloted
For high flow rate and ruthless applications, internally piloted solenoid valves are being used. In this kind of valve, pressure across the valve opens or closes the valve. To achieve this, an orifice or an equalizing hole is installed. The most common design involves the core blocking flow on the orifice. Once the valve is closed, the fluid passes through the orifice and pressure accumulates on both sides of the diaphragm. So long as fluid flow is blocked, a shut-off force is created as a result of larger effective area on top of the diaphragm. When the valve is opened, the core opens the orifice and pressure is relieved from the most notable of the diaphragm. The line pressure then opens the valve.

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Internally Piloted Solenoid Valve

Externally Piloted
This type of valve applies the same concept from internally piloted valves, but the pressure used to actuate the valve arises from a fluid from an external source. A separate fluid circuit is integrated to the valve through an extra port.

Both the internal and external piloted solenoid valves are called indirect or servo-assisted valves where the main actuating force comes for the differential pressure between upstream and downstream of the valve.

Semi-direct Acting
Semi-direct acting combines the principles of direct and inimmediate acting valves. Apart from the magnetic force from the solenoid, pressure differential over the valve assists in opening or closing the valve. If the plunger is actuated, the diaphragm is lifted to open the valve. As well, an orifice is availableed leading to pressure to be relieved together with the diaphragm. Closing this orifice by the plunger creates a more substantial pressure in addition to the diaphragm closing the valve.

Solenoid valve is a electromechanical magnetic field which opens and shut the valve.

Advantages of Solenoid valve:

In this improved years the design of solenoid valves made a drastical changes by making the valve safe and efficient. The major good thing about solenoid valve is the opening time and shut down time is less thana secound.

1.fast respons time

2.low power consumption

3.low and high temperature usage

4.can be installed vertically or horizontally

5.compatible with both DC and AC voltage

Disadglvantages of Solenoid valve:

Every valve has its own disadvantages. Due to human errors solenoid valve can experience problem when the voltage becomes too less or too more for this reason it makes the electromagnetic field strengthen or weaken.