Sub-ohm vaping is a popular trend and you will hear many vapers say that the best vaping decision they have made is to switch to sub-ohm tanks. For many, especially new vapers, it is still a technobabble that is nothing but confusing. Sub-ohm vaping refers to vaping through a tank that has a very low resistance and a high wattage (40 watts or more). The resistance for sub-ohm vaping should be less than 1 ohm. When you compare sub-ohm vaping to vape pens or other types, you will see each of these devices have their own benefits and disadvantages. A person has to take into consideration what he wants and the features he seeks in order to decide the device he should go for. We are going to list the advantages of sub-ohm vaping which will help you see if sub-ohm vaping is for you or not.

Bigger vapour production

One of the pros of sub-ohm vaping is gigantic clouds, so if you see someone puffing out huge fumes of vapours and they are not a train then it is a strong possibility that they are using sub-ohm tanks. Many YouTubers and Instagrammers who make vaping content with huge clouds usually use sub-ohm vaping tanks. Sub-ohm tanks have a larger coil which heats up a larger surface area of the wick and produces greater which makes clouds denser and thicker as compared to low power vape mods, starter kits and vape pens. If you love the game of cloud chasing, you should definitely pick sub-ohm vaping as you will love it. This, however, is limited to vaping-friendly places because most people don’t want to see you blowing monstrous clouds at work. One thing to keep in mind here is that sub-ohm tanks and bigger clouds find their best match in high VG e-liquids. With a 70/30 VG/PG mix, the Big Tasty Juiced series has proven to be a great choice backed by many vapers.

Smoother hit

Some people may complain that their vapes give a very harsh hit. Sub-ohm vaping can help you get rid of it if it’s something that bothers you. Sub-ohm tanks have a high temperature and consume more liquid as compared to MTL vapes thus giving a strong nicotine hit. In order to balance the usage of more liquid, the nicotine strength is kept low in sub-ohm tanks. Moreover, if you are using high VG e-juice like the Big Tasty vape juice we mentioned above, then you need a low nicotine content. High VG with lower nicotine leads to a very smooth throat hit that will just go WOAH. Yeah, these will be the words coming out of your mouth with plenty of clouds.

Intense flavour

Sub-ohm tanks have low resistance and a very high temperature. You know that already but because of the high temperature, these devices use more liquid. This is the reason why nicotine strength is kept lower. This, however, affects the flavour in a great way. Because of the whole setup, sub-ohm vapes are more liquid and provide an intense flavour which is in another league. You will notice that you are enjoying the juice in new ways with different subtle undertones becoming more prominent and the dominant flavour packing a bigger punch. If you are a sucker for flavour, you will instantly love sub-ohm vaping because of the increase in taste. This is also great for flavours which are a blend of multiple fruits, desserts and candies because you will be able to enjoy each flavour more intensely.

Warmer Vapours

Sub-ohm tanks produce more heat and consequently provide a warmer vapour so if you like warmer vapours you will love it. The body of sub-ohm tanks is manufactured keeping this factor in mind so they don’t burn your lips. The problem is for vapers who are trying to get the same sensation as a cigarette that comes with MTL vapes

In a nutshell, sub-ohm vaping is all about experience, so if you want to enjoy intense flavour, smoother and better hit with dense, monstrous clouds and can compromise on the throat hit, you will enjoy sub-ohm vaping more than any other kind of vapes. The choice is all yours because in the end; you have to decide what it is that you want. We have listed all the advantages of a sub-ohm vape so you can make an informed decision.