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Advice For a Construction Enquirer

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Are you a construction enquirer who needs some advice on how to get started within the industry, or perhaps, how to advance within the industry? This article is for you. Here are some tips for creating your career in construction.


Seek Out Courses

One of the best ways to either get started in the industry or advance your career is to keep an eye out for applicable courses. You can take short and long courses, virtual or in person.

If you want to become a bricklayer, one of the best choices are bricklaying courses London. As London is constantly buzzing, and the population of London is so high, houses are always being built. This makes it the perfect place to take a bricklaying course.

If bricklaying isn’t your thing, then you could also seek out structural engineer courses, qs courses, site management and many more sector pathways.

Courses like these can allow you to become a construction professional without having to go to university. Many labourer roles are very flexible with the entry requirements, so as long as you have learnt the skills somewhere, and are qualified to do the job, you do not necessarily need a degree.

However, you may choose to take a degree in construction-related areas if you want to be able to fast track to highly reputable construction companies. This is because they will be more likely to employ you over someone who does not have a degree.


Gain Experience

This tip is for those who have never actually worked in construction before but want to get started. Volunteering to work on a friend or families construction site can be one of the best experience giving options out there. Of course, if you don’t know anyone that works in construction, you can also consider taking an apprenticeship. This will allow you to work, earn money, and learn all at the same time.

Once you have this starting experience, you will be able to gain many more experiences throughout your career to help you continually develop your skills.


Take Health and Safety Exams


All construction workers need to have a high level of health and safety knowledge. This is to ensure that all workers on site are protected from dangers and that if there was an emergency situation, casualties would be everted. Most construction workers in the UK hold a CSCS card which ensures that all holders have completed their CITB Health and Safety examinations. The CSCS card, Construction Skills Certification Scheme validates that the holder has a certain level of educational skills from courses and qualifications, as well as health and safety knowledge. Many construction sites will not allow anyone to work on their site without a CSCS card. This means it would be in any construction enquirers best interest to have one.


Get Memberships and Certifications


A good construction worker should have an up to date CV which includes all of the memberships they have with chartered institutions, as well as certifications. Both of these can be obtained once you have lots of experience. For example, you could join the CIOB and become a chartered builder, or obtain a PMI Professional Certification.